bought an xbox few days ago.


hey there, back from my vacation in vancouver and seattle. vancouver’s fun, if not just simply saturated with asian people (i’m serious when i say you will be lucky if you see a white face in a lot of areas). We felt like white crows (i know it sounds lame but it’s a direct translation from a russian phrase so whatever). But anyway, on our way back from canada, past the border, there’s a shooting range. and for the first time in my life i shot a .22 sniper and a 9mm 10-shot revolver. may i just say GUNS ARE SO FUCKING COOL. now don’t think of me as a columbine jerkoff, but there is just so much pleasure in getting that BAM, then pulling back the hammer and having the empty casing fly out, while another instantly replaces it. such a good time. i really gotta find a shooting range in nj area, hell maybe even buy a cheap gun.