yep….i’m through with it. i beat halflife 2 at about 12:30 this morning.(so like a.m. nighttime morning that is). the ending was….interesting to say the least. it offered a lot of loopholes for the 3rd game to work around with, and i’m just fine with that. now, i guess i’m kinda unoccupied, i don’t know what to do anymore. i think i’m gonna go for a second time, just on hard this time. i played through on normal, so we’ll see how the difficulty ramps up. more later, see ya.


merry post christmas and all that bullshit. hope you assholes and bitches got something good.   yeah, think of me as scrooge, it pisses me off that i gotta work for everything i have, and you just get whatever shit your little shit hearts desire in one smack. none of you understand the concept of money, just the concept of want. you all suck and i hate you.


on a side note, new year’s eve is coming up. i’m getting prezzies on that day so take that and shove it up your assholes fuckers.

the last 2 days, and i mean literally the last 2 DAYS, as much time as i needed for sleep, food, etc. which is about 18 hrs, the rest of that time, halflife devoured. I think (if my math’s right anyway lol) I put in roughly 12 hours into that beauty of a game. I am still every bit in love with it as i was before, but now we’re a good portion further in the game. and it’s getting tougher too, haha. i plan to be finishing it by the end of the week. see ya.

*sobs with happiness*



you can probably guess that i got my new vid card today. i installed that shit up, hooked it up with the video drivers and i was set.

then, i booted up half-life 2.

i tell you, the intro cinematic FUCKING SHOCKED me. the g-man’s face was upclose and personal, and you just couldn’t help but cry over how fucking detailed it really looked. every facet of his face looked photo-realistic. from his eyes to the pores of his skin, it was amazing. then the actual game itself, once you got into the outside environments, ohh man. the sky, the ground, EVERYTHING! i have seriously never seen such visuals before, EVER.

and then you actually concentrate on the gameplay. the enemy a.i. and npc’s are just so cool. valve (the developers if you’re completely dense) went all out on the voice acting and lip synching. i mean, the performance here would make ashlee simpson blush. they react to everything around them.

then you observe the physics. man, i have to tell you, the source engine (the graphics engine used by Halflife 2) is in-fucking-credible. newton would be proud. EVERYTHING, and i mean EVERYTHING that would happen in real life conditions happens here. you throw a piece of wood into a pond, it will float. you throw a rock into a pond, it will sink. it’s just that simple. all the small touches in this game, from the water reflections, to the a.i. reactions, all add so much to the game overall.

the game has surpassed by far any and all of my expectations.

i am so happy to finally get into pc gaming again. funny, the last time i was heavily into pc games i was playing the first halflife.

hmm, getting my radeon 9600xt tomorrow by fedex. goddamn, it’s about time. it’s unspeakable torture for me having to sit and stare at Half-Life 2 on my desktop being unplayed just cause i’m waiting for a fucking video card, so perhaps tomorrow my pain shall be alleviated. till then.