LMAO. man…penny arcade’s the shit. i’ll have to put up a CAD comic some time up here, too.


thought i might put in something re4 related. what better than Penny Arcade’s very own comic?

more resident evil 4. finished up ch. 2 today, and guess what? NEW BOSS! not nearly as cool as the lake monster, this one was still badass.

it’s a huge fuckin troll. standing at a good 20 feet high, the fuck is scary and fugly at the same time. basically, you just had to wail into him, till this thing ripped out the back of his neck. a worm parasite kinda thing just rips out and starts hissin, so you gotta climb up on his back and just start slashin away at the bitch till it dies. fairly cool boss, had REALLY strong attacks. kicked you. punched you into the ground. picked up tree trunks and swung ’em at you. all really damaging attacks, but i managed.

i don’t know why, but myspace has SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW! it’s freaky, i found like 15 people i know in my school. i felt like some kind of detective. cuz through one person’s site, you’d find a person you know either through their comments or through their friend list. it was scary. but DAYUM if i didn’t find some fine chicks. hell, i even found a bikini supermodel (). myspace’s is bullshit though, xanga’s the only one worth having. live journal’s just gay, so don’t bother. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE XANGA!

hello. it is a tuesday and i’m back to school. had my first midterms today. it was math and, here’s the challenging one. I STUDIED WEEKS IN ADVANCE FOR THIS.


besides that, i’d like to talk about resident evil 4 again. well, after a generally long and arduous journey, I finally reached a boss! the game stretched on pretty damn long without any so I was getting a little worried, but this boss DEFINITELY did not disappoint.

alright check it out, IT’S A HUGE FUCKIN LAKE MONSTER. and you’re in a motorboat….out in the middle of this lake. you have a hook that latches on to this big sunuvabitch, and he takes you for a “ride” of sorts. he drags you and tries to smack you into big piles of floating wood to knock you off your boat. once knocked into the water, you need to POUND the A button to get back in your boat, that thing takes a big dive down and then shoots back up spectacularly swallowing you whole if you fail to get the fuck back in the boat. and as for attacking him, eventually he stops tryin to crash you into piles of wood and he just goes under the water. a few seconds later, you see him charging at you. this your chance to attack. you have a seemingly infinite amount of harpoons on your boat, and you just chuck a couple at a time at him, slowly killing him. after the death blow, you think your done right? as he sinks to his death, you feel a tug on your leg, or rather a huge fucking pull. the rope tied to him is tied to your leg somehow. so, now you need to mash A once again like a madman to cut the rope and finally be rid of it. needless to say, it was an awesome boss.

you know, as odd as it is, i’m actually getting random people on this thing, I just had a subscription the other day. I mean, I write this thing for myself. I couldn’t care less if nobody read it, and I considered making this xanga private many times, but I keep it public mainly for Krystle’s reading pleasure. So enjoy, guys. Wow, feels weird saying “guys”.

i’d like to talk about resident evil 4, and how it is the greatest thing to hit earth since the creation of porn. well, maybe it’s not THAT great, but it still is abso-fuckin-lutely amazing. there’s just so much to appreciate in it. this is a game that scares/creeps me out, yet still pulls me in.

let’s take one instance during the game. it was fairly early in the game, in fact it was in the very beginning. the first real challenge to the beginner. you’re standing at the entrance of a village, a village filled with homicidal freaks carrying pitchforks, axes, and scythes (all generally pointy tools). *NOTE, IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME, YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO ZOMBIES ANYMORE, THERE ARE ACTUAL PEOPLE NOW.* there’s a general entrance straight in, or you could be the crafty one (or rather one with a brain) and walk around from behind buildings, so you’re relatively hidden. well, sooner or later, you gotta get out there. and…..hell is unleashed. from the first unintelligible scream (something like “ARRABO!”) of a villager alerting your presence to every damned soul there, YOU BETTER FUCKIN RUN. you barricade yourself in a building and push a cabinet against the door, hopin your safe, right? FUCK NO SONNY! you hear the buzz of a chainsaw and things are already off to a great start. a second later, you hear a window breaking upstairs, MORE GOOD NEWS. you have maybe 15 seconds in that building before you’re overrun. you pick up your trusty shotgun upstairs, which is absolutely vital for crowd control, and you just get the hell out of that little house. you run past the horrors with pointy weaponry and get into another building across the street. basically, you face waves of enemies here, and you just have fun blasting away with your boomstick. unfortunately, the chainsaw you heard earlier is here, and in person. a 6 foot tall monstrosity with a burlap sack over his head and wielding a chainsaw is coming at you. a pistol tickles him. your only bet is a nice blast of buckshot to the face. it blows him back. he’s not through though. he comes back multiple times, in addition to all the other friendly villagers. so you’re havin fun in that room while all of this is going on around you. *END SCENARIO*

i need you to know that this happens IN THE FUCKING BEGINNING. THIS ISN’T SOME FINAL BOSS BATTLE AT THE END OF THE GAME. needless to say, this isn’t for any limp-dicked pussies who can’t hold a controller. i’m maybe 2 hours in the game so far at the very most, and am absolutely amazed at the sheer beauty and horror of it all. you don’t know whether to be scared or amazed when you’re in a fight. these aren’t your run of the mill idiot AI enemies either. terrifyingly intelligent. these pieces of shit actually try to flank you! they surround you and try to get from all angles. and what’s even more, they dodge. you try aiming for a clean headshot, they duck out of the way as if saying “nananana! fuck you ace! you couldn’t shoot rosie o’donnell with an ak-47 if SHE was blindfolded!” they take cover when possible and generally make life unpleasant for you. I really could keep goin on for a while about the whole enemy a.i., but there’s a lot more to the game, as well.

It’s probably worth talking about weapons. You start off with a pistol, which you will fairly soon discover SUCKS. luckily, it’s not long till you find your boomstick and are now properly introduced with your crowd controller for the next chapter. ammo is decidedly sparse with the shotgun, but you manage. once you get a little into the game, you meet up with this weird dude in a trenchcoat. apparently, he’s a weapons dealer. he’s the one you buy weapons, sell weapons/treasures/etc. and tune up (upgrade) weapons from. a lot of upgrades, are decidedly pricy, but money’s fairly liberally thrown around the game. throughout the game you will buy and find decidedly heavier weaponry and your opposition will likely increase in difficulty as well.

speaking of weapons, you have an attache case. if that word’s too fancy for you, it means briefcase. it is a briefcase with an obvious limitation on space. it isn’t long before you are very cramped and annoyed at the space, or lack thereof, within the briefcase. alas, you can buy a larger one. in this briefcase however, more than weapons are housed. you store ammo, as well as herbs (healing stuff).

the resident evil series has been known to include a bit of puzzle solving/item finding mixed in with the whole kill people thing, and this new entry is no excuse to the tradition. you find keys, emblems, rubies, and such other things in order to open some door to let you continue. fortunately (and unfortunately for some) the puzzles are said to be RIDICULOUSLY easy, but that’s not much of an insult to a game that sports such awesome combat.

Let’s talk about graphics. I’ll start with saying that people are going ABSOLUTELY APESHIT over these graphics, ranting that they are the greatest visuals ever to hit any console game. i don’t know what to say in this department. sure, their TOTALLY GORGEOUS, but to be crowning them like this? that may actually be a little overreacting. they are really good in the sense that they put you in the game incredibly well. my rather calm approach to the whole graphics may be attributed to the fact that i am playing on a composite video connection, nothing progressive scan here, so maybe i’m not properly experiencing things here, but whatever. suits me.

next, sound. Uhhh, no Pro Logic II here or anything, playing on stereo, but if you get it up loud, it’ll be plenty enough believe me. enemy voicing are all well done. apparently they speak spanish, none of which i understand, so i couldn’t really translate. but it’s not much of a concern when they’re chucking axes at me, you know? background sound is very properly done. shifting from a relatively creepy tune when your exploring to full on frenzied music when your in the middle of battle.

i’m not sure how much longer i could keep ranting about a game that i hold so much love for, but all i know is that if you own a gamecube, BY GOD, GET IT NOW.

I decided to a little redecorating. And considering that Resident Evil 4 kicks insurmountable amounts of ass, I figured I’d go all out. New kickass background, got rid of the stupid white bar on the left and made it transparent. And i got a new movie up! Enjoy.

been playing cs pretty heavily these past 2 days while i’m sick and dying (well maybe not dying but still fucking sick), and i can say i’m getting a little better. i mean it all depends on the competition, but i can kinda hold my own now.

oh btw, system of a down had a track from their new album leaked out on the web, called Cigaro. fuckin awesome song. their going in a really cool direction. check it out here

in other news, i am now officially SO popular that i have cam whores commenting on this thing (check out the comments on the post below to know what i’m talkin about).

and that’s all for the meanwhile. you can leave now. yes YOU. LEAVE.