well….resident evil has come and gone. even though i’m halfway through my second runthrough, i kinda stopped playing. heh, it’s funny cause the SAME EXACT thing happened with halflife 2. i’m still halfway through with that game and haven’t played in like 2 months.

so with the passing of resident evil, i’m onto ranting about a new game. splinter cell chaos theory to be exact. you’ll notice i have a new background as well as movie for all to enjoy (well…those with broadband anyway).

i remember the days that i played the first splinter cell so well on my ‘ol cube. it was such a cool game, and offered so many new things i’ve never seen before in a game. i loved the stealth gameplay of sneaking up on enemies, grabbing them, interrogating them, and then knockin them out with a gun butt to the skull. hell, the last level didn’t even have a boss, you merely had to land a clean shot on the main bad guy in a window and then get your ass outta there. that game is probably never leaving my library.

chaos theory is actually the 3rd game in the series. i got pandora tomorrow (the second one) quite a while back, but for some reason never actually went through it. i guess my newly acquired xbox was stealing my attention back then. i think i only got up to the 2nd level and then dropped it. the problem here is this. i want to beat it really badly, but i have it for the cube. now, this game also came out for xbox AND had multiplayer support, which i am told kicks large amounts of ass. so, i kinda want to buy it for xbox instead, and sell my cube version. i hope to do this in the near future.

now, about the actual game. i dled the demo about 3 or 4 days ago which throws you into this level where you’re on this island of sorts, and have to find this programmer who is supposedly being tortured for information. the level perfectly demonstrates the game’s amazing new graphics and general atmosphere. this 3rd game in the series COMPLETELY overhauls the entire graphics engine from the past two games. the lightning in the sky looks completely awesome. and the npc textures (npc is people for the game related vocab challenged) look scarily realistic, especially sam himself. the facial expressions are simply fantastic.

the second splinter cell generally focused on introducing more open environments for you to play in, but the same graphics engine was utilized, which resulted in polished, yet rather unchanged visuals. chaos theory is expanding on this.

the basis behind splinter cell is stealth gameplay. you sneak around in the shadows, grab a soldier, and then break his neck. it was never too much of a run and gun game. you’d discover this fairly quickly after being riddled with a kalashnikov by a/an *insert ethnic background here* soldier. mainly, you had a light meter, in which if it was all the way to the right, you would be and i quote “lit up like a dutch brothel”. if it was all the way to the left you would be and again i quote “a ghost’s shadow”. most of the time you wanted to maintain a ghost’s shadow.

chaos theory expands on this by introducing a sound meter. in which not only must you be invisible, but you also must be quiet. because if you run, you WILL be heard, and soldiers will come investigating the sound. adds for very interesting gameplay. the cool part in this, is that the sound meter also measures ambient noise around you. meaning that if you’re outside in a thunderstorm (the island level in the demo), there is already a lot of sound around. meaning that during a crack of thunder you can run, and NOT be heard. how fucking cool is that?

i can’t say it any other way: splinter cell chaos theory will kick insurmountable amounts of ass.



no school. although that was rather predictable what with half of a foot of snow and all. they gotta fill the snow days anyway, so this was pretty much a no brainer.

just gone done shoveling my driveway, fun shit (sarcasm intended).

now i’m just waiting for the ups truck to deliver my hardcore mp3 player.

something cool that’s cad related. if you check out today’s strip, then you’ll see a potentiality for the “g-bot”, a female gamecube robot for zeke (x-bot) to woo. very interesting stuff indeed.

it’s snowing like a bitch out here in central jersey. and i will be


if we do not have school cancelled tomorrow. as always, information is posted on the website at 6 in the morning, so i have no way to know beforehand.


made a few alterations to the interest thing. as well as a new movie. for the broadband impaired, it’s a trailer for this new game called Darkwatch. looks pretty cool to tell the truth.

hmm…don’t know what to make about today. you know those days that you predict will lick donkey balls, but…they actually come out ok?

that was today. i mean, i had two tests in a row today. chem, and then english immediately after. so i was less than enthusiastic you might say. but english was surprisingly easy actually, and i think chem was fair.

on a somewhat sour note, though getting to be pretty typical, my bus didn’t show up again. neither in the morning, nor in the afternoon. so my mom had to drive me both school and home. the plus side to this was that i was able to get a nice slice of pizza on the way home. see what i mean about how shit leveled itself out today?

so i got home. took a nice 2 1/2 hour nap. now doing hw.

i felt it worth mentioning CAD’s latest strip. It’s absolutely amazing.

as much as Tim is hilariously over-exaggerating here, the fact that you can order pizza from within a game is, very sadly, all too true. IT’S NOT EVEN A FUCKING JOKE. you literally type “/pizza” while playing Everquest 2, and you get a menu pop up for what you want to order. i mean, how many sad losers are there in the world that are THAT fuckin attached to their monitors that they need to order food from a fucking video game??!! goddamn.

well, that’s my commentary for today. see ya around.

so i stopped by Guitar Center today, and picked up some Strap-Loks and a nice strap. got home, installed everything and now i’m rockin a pretty cool guitar. I might put up some pictures if I get a site to host it on.

man…yesterday was pretty cool. i finally got on my board again after this stupid winter weather.

but check it out, I POPPED A NOLLIE!

oh dude…it was so badass. they’re lots of fun.

so…it happened. i am now officially 16 years of age. godDAMN am i old! can’t say this birthday went without awesome results, neither.

alright. so i wake up, and what’s the first thing i see?


THAT’S what i see. so i am totally stoked. i am seriously so grateful for this guitar, and this birthday too.