ok, i’m not gonna sugar coat this for you.

last night, may very well have been the best night of my entire life.

steve vai was ungodly incredible. the show was by far the most amazing thing my eyes have ever beheld.

first off, i got there about 6:45. stood in line for like a fuckin hour. so that kinda sucked, and i was a little pissed. the upside to this was some guy was passing around sampler cd’s, and i got one. it’s nothing special, just a compilation of a bunch of unknown artists (though vai’s “building the church” is on there, which kicks exponential amounts of ass).

so when they finally let us in, i just made like a sprinter to the stage, unfortunately there were a fair amount of people there already. by mid concert though, i managed to stand not even 10 feet from vai.

but i’m gonna talk about eric sardinas before speaking of the god known as steven vai. the dude was…if anything, really really cocky. like you just felt the arrogance from him. he did play some pretty cool shit and i did learn to respect his playing. he played on these weird acoustic guitars that have like a metal plate where the sound hole should be. they sounded electric though, i’m not really sure how that works. anyway, he did have some really cool tricks. like, his style of playing is slide. he has the little metal piece on his pinky. at one point, however, he took a fucking BEER BOTTLE, and used that as a slide. i was shocked. that was just so cool! the cockiest thing he did though was just jump out at the crowd and crowd surfed for a sec. i didn’t think he deserved it, he didn’t play that spectacularly.

after sardinas left, we were standing there for a good 45 more minutes until vai finally graced us with his presence.

i’ll tell you, i loved steve vai before going to his concert. but after seeing him live, he is now my favorite musician of all fucking time. as i said above, i was standing less than 10 feet away from the guy. so i got perfect view of his fingers. his technique is unmatchable. he played every song i wanted to hear from him. from “building the church”, to “for the love of god”, every song was something to behold. it’s worth noting that vai brought maybe 5 or 6 guitars with him, that he kept switching for every song. but there was this one guitar that topped the rest. it was a double neck, but unlike any other double neck i’ve ever seen. the variations of double necks that i’ve seen are:

  • 6 string electric on top, 6 string acoustic on bottom
  • 12 string electric on top, 6 string electric on bottom
  • and 6 string electric on top, and 4 string bass on bottom

    but what he had was really weird. it looked like a 6 string electric on top, and I THINK a fretless neck on bottom, which was also 6 string electric. needless to say, it was pretty fuckin cool. another interesting guitar of his was this one jem. it had light up fret dots that could be turned on with a little switch. it looked so cool.

    somewhere in between the performance, a bunch of dry ice was put out (that’s the stuff that makes all the fog in case you didn’t know). then vai came out with a bunch of weird shit on. he had this crazy headset on, that had these little lights on it. and he had lights on each of his fingers. and he brought out the guitar described above with the light up fret dots. so, amidst all this fog where you can’t see anything, he just starts throwin around his guitar, swingin it around his back, wavin his hands all around and shit. it was crazy, all you could see through the fog were the lights flying all over the place.

    at one point, there was an acoustic section, where vai brought out this GORGEOUS green acoustic. he actually talked to the crowd in this section. he was telling us how in some movie he cameoed in, he made fun of britney spears somehow. he tells us, she recently moved next door to him. so now he’s neighbors with her. yeah but anyway, the acoustic section was pretty damn impressive. a lot of really nice hammers and pull offs.

    somewhere near the last song, vai did something that was so fucking crazy. he held out a note, and STUCK OUT HIS TONGUE TO THE STRING. it made this awesome feedback. i was just like “WWWHHHAAAATTT?!!” lots of awesome tapping too.

    accompanying vai, was billy sheehan on bass. now he looked like a pretty weathered dude, like early 40’s maybe. but the man was SICK. that night, i discovered that you can fret tap on a bass as well! for several of the songs, billy pulled out a fucking double neck bass. INSANE. i have NEVER seen a double neck bass before, and frankly, i don’t even know the difference between the two necks. i can only guess that maybe one neck was tuned differently to make different sounds. some amazing tricks here, were that vai and sheehan were playing each other’s intruments! while vai was fretting with one hand, he was plucking sheehan’s strings. and vice versa, while sheehan was fretting, he was plucking vai’s strings. it was so awesome!!!

    what was awesome in this concert, besides everything else, was that EVERYBODY on stage got solo time. first solo was the drummer. I HAVE NEVER SEEN BETTER DRUMMING IN MY LIFE. the guy was goin fuckin nuts. his solo lasted a good 5 minutes. and that’s saying something. can you bang on a drum for 5 minutes? i bet you can’t for 30 seconds!

    next solo was bass. billy sheehan fuckin annihilated. he was fret tappin like there was no tomorrow. just goin crazy up there.

    for the last song, sardinas came back out. he and vai both played together, which made for a pretty interesting song. when the show ended, i was just like “wow…”

    let’s recap. i got there at 6:45. the show ended at midnight. you have no idea how tired my legs were. the first step i took to leave was like picking up a block of cement and moving it. i stood on my feet for 5 fucking hours. but every sweet nanosecond was soooo worth it.

    there’s tons that i haven’t told you, but i’m too lazy to type anymore. i think you have a basic idea of how fuckin amazing that night was. and i’ll say it again.


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    i notice i have a small little riot going on here in my comments. you know i just find it funny, that if i didn’t have my photo up for all to see my kickass bombdrop, you emo dipshits wouldn’t even have a basis for argument.

    quit arguing with me, just go kill yourselves and the world will be a better place without you.

    0 DAYS LEFT!!!!

    dude, i am so stoked for tonight. doors open at 7, and steve vai is gonna kick incredible amounts of ass. can’t wait.

    man, today’s gonna be hectic. it’s my nephew’s birthday today as well (talk about a fuckin coincidence). so i gotta do all my hw, take a shower, hang out at my nephew’s a little, and then get my ass over to starland. enough so far? yeah, i thought so. alright, i’m out.


    got my steve vai cd in the mail today. SICK SHIT.

    *sigh*….it’s the last day of break. school tomorrow :(

    on a bright note, chaos theory’s out in stores, I MUST HAVE IT.


    it’s sunday, and it’s the second to last day of my break. i’m proud to say i’ve done virtually nothing (well except for saturday that i worked on) for the entirety of the break.

    i got a new printer (my previous shitty one went under). this one is the shit. now, i’m a little apprehensive that it’s a dell (and i fucking hate dell products), but it’s features are very impressive:

  • prints 20 ppm (page per minute)
  • doubles as scanner
  • triples as copier
  • quadruples as a fax
  • yeah…you know you love it.

    well, that’s it for now. i’m out.

    6 DAYS

    well, it’s official. spring break part 1 has begun!


    haha, i’m such a dipshit. i put “7 days left” 2 days after putting “8 days left”.

    hello. updating again, cause i’m bored and procrastinating to begin my hw, you know how it is.

    yesterday was pretty cool, the parents were gone from like 12-6 to go to some stupid theatre, and i was left home. taking advantage of the moment, i managed to sneak in some halo 2. KICK-ASS.

    mostly, i just played on xbox live, but i did start the campaign. I got about an hour or two into it, and i must admit, it is very very cool. there’s this one section where you’re crossing a bridge in this huge badass tank (a scorpion), and you get to blow these little flying pieces of shit that come at your sides, SOO AWESOME. i loved that section. the entire game has changed a lot of what was in the original Halo, what with duel weapon wielding now.

    xbox live is, as always, great fun. there’s just no substitute for playing with real people who have their own unique behavioral patterns, not some set computer a.i. very unpredictable, and very fun.

    well…i guess it’s as good a time as any to get to that hw. see ya.

    15 days bitches!! 15 more days till steve vai rocks my socks off.

    and what do ya know, i’m updating for you ingrates again.

    what the fuck should i talk about? my life’s an empty and boring
    void, what do you wanna know about? god, that lesbo vid i jacked off to
    an hour ago was SOO GOOD. GOD!! awww…what’s the matter? you don’t
    wanna hear about that stuff? ooh! i have something to talk about!

    i have a question for you. do you hate being fed bullshit as much as
    i do? alright, check the scenario out. i ask a chick out, right? the
    idea was fucking genius (i gotta give mad propz to krystle for this). i
    wrote her a note, asking her out in FRENCH. now, as far as i’m
    concerned, that should make any chick say yes, but the reaction i get
    is somewhat like this:

    *chick looks at me, sighs, digs in her purse for a pen and writes
    something on the note, hands it back to me* and it reads, and i quote
    “i’m holding out against guys till i’m 18, i’m afraid. sorry darlin.”

    now, friends, i consider myself to have a masters in bs. i am the
    KING of bs, but this shit was incredible. i mean, it’s not even the
    fact that she’s known to “get around” (she’s really nice though), but i
    doubt she’s gonna wait to get LAID by the time she’s 18, LET ALONE go
    out on a fuckin date, you know? like i said above, i HATE being fed
    bullshit. i want straight answers. i wouldn’t even mind so much if she
    flipped out on me (something akin to “go fuck yourself”, you know
    something like that), but the fact that she couldn’t even give me a
    straight answer is a bit upsetting.

    but…i’m cool with the whole situation. just glad there’s nothing ackward between us.

    and that’s my update, maybe next time i’ll go into a little more detail on the vids i was jackin off to the hour before.


    * * EDIT * *

    ehh…whatever, apparently i WASN’T bsed according to a friend of
    mine. she really HAS given up on relationships. as much as i still
    believe that’s a crock of shit, i’ve accepted it. it was worth a shot.

    it’s better to try and regret what you did than regret that you never did it in the first place.

    godDAMN that was gay.


    would ya look at that….i’m updating once again.

    well….not much has happened since last we spoke. but, i guess one thing is probably worth mentioning.


    i almost wish the shit never even happened. hell, the ironic part is that i was kinda lookin forward to it too, you know? i mean, this was the first time in history my DAD was able to go. the conferences were scheduled on the day that he took off from work. so, i was kinda psyched that my dad’d get to meet my chem teacher, and all. well, if i may quote them, it was “the biggest embarassment they ever had/faced”. All my shit taken away again. Gamecube adapter, GONE. X-box controller, GONE. and to make matters worse, my dad locked up my account with a password and assigned me this dog shit limited account. this limited account prevents me from installing anything, as well as accessing a majority of files (i.e. aim, any sort of game, etc.) you could say, that i was somewhat PISSED for the first couple of days, but the realization that i have nothing has kind of set in.

    ANYWAY…the whole thing’s blown over slightly, i’m kinda in better relations with my dad, even though i am still a little pissed. i guess it IS my own fault after all, what with the shitty grades in math and chem at the moment. from what he tells me, until he sees me actually working/studying systematically, shit’s not gonna change for me, so i guess i gotta change a little.

    on a more optimistic note, i have discovered an amazing man in the music world. he goes by the name of steve vai, and he is a guitar GOD. i have numerous songs, as well as videos of his performances, and am absolutely amazed at the technique he demonstrates. the man is a fret-tapping beast.

    and you know where i’m going march 30th? yeah, that’s right, steve vai’s concert. it’s gonna rule so hard.

    yeah, i suppose that’s enough for now. this is mike, signing out.