those are some pretty badass animals.


Deadly Beauties

These animals possess some of the world’s most potent venoms:


Inland Taipan
Oxyuranus microlepidotus

A bite of Inland Taipan venom is toxic enough to kill 15,000 mice. Found only in Australia, this is the most toxic snake on Earth. Luckily, antivenom is available; few people survived a bite from this snake before it was developed.

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Inland Taipan
Photo by John Weigel


Blue-ringed Octopus
Hapalochlaena lunulata

When the tiny Blue-ringed Octopus is threatened, its faint blue rings become bright and vivid. The color warns predators to back off, and with good reason — it’s one of the most deadly venomous animals on Earth.

The octopus bites prey with its jaws, then injects a potent venomous saliva into the bite wound. This venom contains tetrodotoxin, one of the most potent neurotoxins known. Human death from heart and respiratory failure can occur within minutes. However, this non-aggressive octopus only bites people in self-defense.

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Blue-ringed octopus
Photo by Roy Caldwell


Death Stalker Scorpion
Leiurus quinquestriatus

The Death Stalker Scorpion may be small, but it is the most toxic scorpion on earth. In general, scorpions with slim and narrow pincers are equipped with more toxic venom. Powerful venom compensates for the scorpion’s weaker pincers and lack of brawny strength. This scorpion’s sting delivers extremely toxic venom that can cause extreme pain, convulsions, paralysis, and even death by heart or respiratory failure. The Death Stalker Scorpion is found in North Africa and the Middle East.

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Death Stalker Scorpion
Photo by John S. Reid


Sydney Funnel-web Spider
Atrax robustus

Males of this large, aggressive, Australian species have the most toxic venom of all spiders. Painful bites can release a neurotoxin that could kill a person within 15 minutes; quick treatment with anti-venom can prevent fatalities.

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Sydney Funnel Web Spider
Photo byTRIP/Eric Smith

it’s been a while since i’ve been to the movies. hell, it’s been a while since i’ve been in public. but it’s ok, i’m still cool .

anyway, what i went to see was perhaps the best sex my eyeballs have ever experienced (this is figurative language implying it was a good movie, my eyes didn’t really have sex and i DIDN’T, repeat DIDN’T go to watch porn). Kung Fu Hustle was the name of the film. and what an incredible film it was. it was the most ass kickery i have ever seen crammed into an hour and thirty nine minutes. true, some parts were definitely a bit over stylized, but it was still so cool! there wasn’t a second i was bored. it was THAT good.

the movie is spoken entirely in chinese with english subtitles, so us silly americans can follow along with the plotline too. english or no english, the fights spoke in a language that’s universal: FUCKIN AWESOME. i’m not gonna go in detail with characters and all, you’ll just have to go see the movie for yourself to see that. all i know is, i’m pickin this thing up on dvd the second it hits shelves. if you have any taste in good movies or just can grasp the basic understanding of an orgasmic movie pleasure, you WILL see this movie.


i am stupid. this movie is a chinese export. it has been on dvd for months already. i actually purchased a copy the other night. disregard my previous statement stating that i shall pick it up “the second it hits shelves.”

doom 3’s scary as fuck, dude. i’m maybe 25% of the way through so far, and the experience is pretty damn cool. imps pop out of nowhere, zombies hide in shadows, it’s just really really atmospheric. much of the game is enshrouded in total darkness, so you walk around with a flashlight often. the downside to this is that you’re running the risk of having a maggot or imp pop out and slash your face while you’re taking out your shotty.

the graphics, although mainly dark, are freakin incredible. the shadowing system is unlike anything i’ve ever seen. some could argue that halflife 2’s engine is stronger, but that game isn’t very dark, it’s more open areas (which in themselves also look amazing), so it’s a little hard to compare side by side. either way, i think i’m about a third of the way through right now and am very pleased. more later.

btw, i finally uploaded a system song on my playlist. cigaro it is. what do you think of it anyway? i’m open to requests you may have, as long as they don’t suck ass (this will be under my close review and prejudiced opinion :D)

lovin my sexy new mouse. absolutely fantastic. at first, i was a little distraught, it seemed to malfunction for what seemed to be approximately 5-10 minutes, but after that, it ceased its shenanigans and became perfectly operable.

here it is, in all its glory for all to masturbate to:

well, this truly is an accomplishment. porn addict officially marks as the 10th subscriber to my shitty little xanga here. it’s been a long journey, but through hard work and perseverance, i brain washed enough schmucks wonderful people to be my xanga slaves.

here’s to the next 10!

once again, my xanga is upgraded for you ungrateful pieces of shit…well, nah not really. i just feel pimpin by doin it.

if you haven’t already noticed by the rocking of your socks, i now have a playlist on my xanga. it was a lifelong mystery that pissed me off to no end as to what the HTML was that all these dipshits had to play their music. it’s an extremely useful feature because it actually allows you to disable any song you might find bothersome/annoying (*cough*…krystle…*cough).

i uploaded about 10 songs so far onto it.

HUGE PROPS to Rock Music 101


i made a couple alterations to the base HTML so the song won’t start automatically when you load my page (which gets VERY annoying VERY quick). I also disabled looping, so the song stops instead of playing over again (which, again, gets VERY annoying VERY fast).

There’s a little procedure to go through in order to change songs that at first seemed like a pain in the ass for me, but it’s really simple. either way, here’s what you do:

1. the play button should be in blue.

2. select your song.

3. press stop.

4. press play.

5. voila.

bought the collector’s edition doom 3 the other day off ebay. pretty good deal if you ask me. 45.50, although used. meh..i was a little impatient, i admit it, if i waited a little longer, it’d have been cheaper. but come on! the features here would give anyone an instant rock hard boner.

check it out:

  • obvious multiplayer over xbox live
  • co-op on the campaign OVER XBOX LIVE
  • shit your pants scary single player campaign
  • real time shadowing like never before seen, most of the game is pitch black and requires use of flashlight.

but here are the benefits of the collector’s edition: included versions of


best of all? they’re playable on xbox live!!! how sweet is that? playing one of the most old school games on live. man, i can’t wait.

yeah, so my weekend was pretty cool. not that eventful, but still cool. my parents left for some conference thing in pennsylvania, and so i was home from saturday evening to well into late sunday.

what did i do, you may ask? well, it’s not really that big a secret. i played video games…FOR 9 HOURS

yes, you read right. on sunday, from 10:30 a.m., to 7:30 p.m. i played 9 hours nonstop.

what did i play during these 9 hours, you may ask?

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

i played through the entire campaign, and am HUGELY impressed with the game. the game is somewhat dated, maybe a year and a half old now, but still an amazing accomplishment on Ubisoft Shanghai’s part. i won’t go writing a review for you here, as i’m just too lazy and i still have homework to accomplish.

either way, i went through it because i felt i needed to beat all of the games before i went on to chaos theory, which i am currently unable to find a good deal for the limited edition. ebay is fucking hell right now. i see auctions end daily for 80 FUCKIN DOLLARS! what the hell is up with that? are people out of their retarded minds? it’s practically an oxymoron when i can go and buy a game cheaper at my store than i can on ebay. unbelievable.

either way, sooner or later, i’ll find a good deal, and the orgasm that chaos theory can provide for me will be had.