my parents have been gone for all of today, as well as tomorrow. from like 10:00p.m. to about 1:20ish a.m. i was gaming nonstop. i was determined to beat doom 3, and beat it i did.

the last boss was quite an experience: a 30 foot hulking monstrosity who was invulnerable to all but one weapon. needless to say, that did kinda get me a little edgy, but i prevailed. great game overall.

now i am onto splinter cell chaos theory, FINALLY. i shall be playing it a good long time tomorrow. i’m hoping to put in at least 8 hours of gaming tomorrow. yes, i know i’m fucking insane.


i am god of everything. i have purchased ALL 52 EPISODES of rocko’s modern life on DVD. “but mike! it must have cost you a fortune!”, you yell out. not at all, fifty dollars from my pocket was all.

AND, as an additional bonus, i have also received ALL 28 EPISODES of prometheus and bob, this hilarious claymation show that aired on kablaam like 4 years or so ago.

hmmm….those implications just seem a bit too heavily set in there. advertising, although it technically, and somewhat loosely can be perpetuated by word of mouth, normally would suggest (on the Internet in this case) more well known public mediums, such as banners and intrusive methods of that sort. however subjective this is, it doesn’t matter, because i am right, and you are wrong.

Oh you didn’t depress me with the maddox comment…his site is more known and advertised than mine is. But hey, how many do you have Mikey? 1,851? …

silly fool krystle. maddox’s site is not advertised ONE FUCKING IOTA. he would cut his own balls off before advertising anything. his site started out in the late 90’s as virtually nothing. he started out with a page just writing about all the things he hated, and some coworkers/friends liked it. and from there, ENTIRELY by word of mouth, his site got out to the public. the rest was history.

now as for MY hits, i couldn’t give half a shit if it was 10 visitors. as i surely have stated many times in previous posts, this blog is not for you, nor for anybody else. it is for ME. i write because i enjoy writing. and it is out of pure generosity that my posts are available publicly, instead of just making this whole damn xanga private.

made some changes. new background. god, that modena gives me a boner every time i see it. it’s actually a screen from project gotham racing 3 for the 360, it’s THAT FUCKING DETAILED.

new trailer, as well. nfs: most wanted. looks AWESOME.

i’m going to go into more detail on the revolution and ps3 within the next couple of days. man, these new consoles are gonna drive me fuckin broke.

been a while since last i updated, but i don’t really care. what i am going to talk about, however, is worthy of a post. so let’s get started, shall we?

first off, the post directly below was just a test to see if i could actually import that little button into my html. it’s pretty cool.

but anyway, onto business. i assume most of you didn’t care to watch mtv last thursday night at 9:30 p.m. EST and that’s just fine. however, for those who did, i apologize for the brain cells you have lost. last thursday night, the official unveiling for xbox 360 was premiered. now seeing as it’s mtv and all, most of the audience were drooling retards who are normally enticed by watching rides getting pimped and people getting punked, so i wasn’t really expecting much out of the show. and i was fairly correct making this assumption. there were lots of pretty flashing lights, and plenty of moronic celebrities pretending to be hardcore gamers.

there was, however, some very interesting information to behold, as well as some confirmations of previous rumors.

the xbox 360 will feature straight out the box:

  • a multicore 3.2 ghz powerPC based processor
  • a custom ATI 512mhz GPU (sporting FORTY EIGHT pipelines, and will kick the ass of the current GPU king: the x850xtpe)
  • 720p and 1080i hd support for ALL games (AWESOME, but you need the hd tv to go along with it)
  • wifi capability 302.11 A, B, G)
  • wireless controllers (which is a definite step up)(these controllers will also be able to be used on pcs via longhorn technology, VERY cool)
  • 3 USB ports (wonder what for, gonna have to wait and see)
  • the obvious ethernet port

you can go here to check out the entire spec list.

needless to say, i am VERY excited about this system. from what i hear, the 360 is estimated to be SIX times stronger than the current xbox in terms of raw performance. it will be able to calculate a TERAFLOP of calculations per second. A FUCKING TERAFLOP! back in 2003, there were 120 SUPERcomputers capable of that kind processing power. the current release date for the 360 is said to be november, at least 6-12 months before both the ps3 and revolution. wise move? we’ll see. right now, i’m just drooling in anticipation of e3, and all the info microsoft, sony, and nintendo will divulge in their respective press conferences.

oh yeah, doom 3 kicks fucking ass.