Good time driving today. I feel confident in saying I am awesome at parallel parking. I was a good 4″ or so away from the curb. I was goin a good 50-60 on small highways today, too. The bitch (my “instructor”) had me switching lanes back and forth to the point where I thought every single person on the road wanted to tear me apart limb from fuckin limb. Fun stuff, never the less. I scheduled my last lesson for this Friday, and then I shall become Permit-Man.

Until then, good bye.


Haven’t discussed video games in some time now. I seem to have put my Very Hard Ninja Gaiden run on a short hiatus for now. It seems that, instead, I have been attracted to the nearly forgotten beauty that is Project Gotham Racing 2. I played back in days of yore (which equates to about 4 or 5 months ago), but dropped it since then (I kinda forget why.) Anyhoo, PGR2 has been consuming me for about a week or so now. It’s just so addictive. With every new car series unlocked, it just sucks you in more and more. It’s like Pokemon, with the whole “gotta catch ’em all” shtick, just not gay and stupid. And also with badass cars instead of fucked up mutants that equally fucked up Japanese morons think up in their little cubicles while eating a bowl of rice with sushi and earning $1 an hour.

While on the topic of automobiles, my next driving lesson is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00. I hear that I will actually be driving on 50 mph zones! Will I crash and die, or will I be triumphant? Find out on the next episode of “Driving With Mike”!

Not sure how many visitors here are, coincidentally, Harry Potter fans. But I’m afraid that British piece of shit has taken over my life. I have read over 200 pages today. I usually get bored after 20 in any other book. Go figure.

Unfortunately, it’s been always the same case with every major book release from ol’ J.K. Rowling. I get the book FedExed the day it’s released, and for the next week or so I have no life.

As of this writing, I have literally finished half the book in less than….ohhhhh maybe 12ish hours? I started last night and read from like 1-3 in the morning. And then when I finally woke up, I read roughly from 10 in the morning to about 7:30 at night. Good lord, somebody help me.

This post is a follow-up to the one below, just elucidating a tad more.

Saw, as some may know, is a horror movie. It is, however, a FANTASTIC horror movie.

Atypical to most slashers in which a villain will spout some stupid line before slaughtering his victim, Saw focuses more on the psychological aspect of fear. A fair amount of gore is, luckily, still prevalent.

The film begins in a dingy bathroom, where two men are chained to pipes on opposite ends of the room, with a corpse lying in a pool of his own blood in between them. They both find tapes with a small tape recorder explaining their situation to them. One of the men, a doctor, must kill the other before 6:00 or his family will be murdered. They soon learn…

Ahh, I’m not gonna spoil anymore. This is the general premise that you are faced with at the beginning of the movie. I’ll tell you right now, at the end of this movie, I was in fucking shock. Near the end of the movie, you think you know who is behind all of this, and then the biggest plot twist occurs. It was so unexpected, and the end was so fitting, and terrifying, that words barely describe it. This is not your typical teenage slasher. The kids aren’t seen sipping daiquiris on a beach at the end of the movie, the killer is not locked up in jail where he should be. Absolutely terrifying movie and a fucking must see.

Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it all this time, but I suppose it’s better later than never.

Friends, on August 23rd, 2005, I am going to see System of a Down LIVE IN FUCKING CONCERT!!