I am currently getting a 93 average in physics.


I haven’t done this well in a real class since like fucking 7th grade. God knows I need to keep this shit up.

On a more unfortunate note, I am not faring too well in Precalc. I got like a 63 on the latest quiz, and am pretty much on the fence between a B and a C for my average. I gotta pull my shit together in that class.

Now, let us get off of the morose topic of school and concentrate on Ninja Gaiden Black.

Due to the previous foresight of beating Ninja Gaiden on Normal in the past, and thereby having a successive play file intact, I am now able to start a Hard run right from the get go on NG Black. I have noticed that most of what I’m seeing is awfully similar to HP1. The Black Spider Ninjas have their annoying throws, the Mages have their multi fireball attack, and the difficulty is just admirably bumped up. In fact, the only difference between Hard and HP1 is the boss fights. Boss fight now include little annoying enemies throughout the battle. Like with Murai, a huge nunchaku wielding motherfucker, he has white ninjas accompanying him. They don’t do much, just throw ninja stars, but they were still kinda annoying.

What frightens me is that I am playing on Hard. After Hard, is Very Hard. And….after Very Hard, is…..MASTER NINJA MODE. That mode, from popular propaganda off of Gamefaqs, will be rape beyond any rape ever experienced by man. Your BRAIN will be raped. The game will leave you a shuddering husk, and make succor but a distant memory. If you’ll excuse me, I am off to curl up in the corner.


NG Black to be delivered tomorrow. Oooh, I can’t wait (to have my sorry ass kicked over and over again)!

Indigo Prophecy is THE FUCKING SHIT. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but it’s true. The game is like nothing I’ve ever played before. The game is split into two main sections, each with their own unique mechanics.

One of them is probably a good 55% chunk of the game, in which you spend controlling your character and performing various actions throughout the environment. Realistically, in order to pick something up (/use/whatever) you move the right analog stick in the direction of wherever the item is. On the PC, this is done with the mouse, and does feel a little more realistic, because your arm is actually doing the motion, instead of just your hand. Regardless, it’s still awesome. Dialogue choices are also performed in this section of the game..

Creepy old lady and choices, so many choices.

Indigo Prophecy also incorporates a sort of Sanity Meter (Insanity Meter?). I’ve seen this done previously only in Eternal Darkness (which is still one of my favorite games of all time). Unlike ED, there are no hallucinations from going crazy or anything. If you hit rock bottom, the game just ends and shows you in a lunatic asylum. Game over.

Depressed, just like an emo kid.

The other piece of the game is utilized during the numerous action sequences throughout the game. In order to perform the supernatural feats your character is capable of in this game, you need to follow a sequence of movements onscreen. This is best described as a weird game of Simon, except you don’t actually memorize combos. Same idea applies though. You have 8 different colored lights on screen (4 for each analog stick), representing directions on the analog stick. Depending on the difficulty you select, these lights flash faster and faster and require faster reflexes. If this sounds confusing, let’s involve an example. Say a table is flying at your head. If you don’t move the analog sticks in the directions onscreen, then you get slammed in the head and lose a “life”. If you lose all your “lives”, you have to start the chapter or sequence all over again. Frustrating? At times, yes.

There you are, this is an example of one of the Simon-esque action sequences in Indigo Prophecy. It’ll explain the situation infinitely better than my convoluted description.

There is, however, one more main mechanic involved in all the action sequences. Designed to simulate strenuous activity, there is a L/R meter. When, for example, hanging onto the side of a building, you need to furiously tap the L and R triggers in order to climb up. If you let up on the rhythm at all or don’t keep a fast enough rhythm, you will subsequently fall to your horrific (and somewhat humorous) death.

Hanging on a chopper and mashing those triggers.

While comprised of a somewhat simple interface, this game is SO ENGROSSING. I have not experienced a cooler story since like EVER. Chockful of NY crime, sacred rituals, love, and what have you, this game has EVERYTHING.

Some may complain this game is short. Yeah, it rather is. I got the game about 2:30 yesterday, and played till about 10. Today, I played (and later beat) from about noon to 3-4. There is SOME replay value though. A lot of action sequences are so much fun, that you can’t resist going for a second run. Sometimes you may want to go through an old chapter just to experiment with different dialogue choices. Some of them cost you sanity, some of them increase your sanity, some of them are just flat out funny. This is one of those games that don’t come around all too often. It’s a fresh breath of air, a break from all the cookie cutter action games and mindless FPSs. This is going on my shelf and staying for a good long time. Thank you, Quantic Dreams, for a great game.

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Ninja Gaiden Black is finally in stores, and has been shipped to me as of today. Needless to say, I AM EXCITED. So excited, in fact, that humorous similes just won’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to assume the maximum implied amount of excitement as your pitiful brain can muster.

There is, something, however that excites me EVEN FURTHER. It has been brought to my attention that, as a preorder bonus, I am to receive a Ninja Gaiden t-shirt!

View it and weep that the hallowed threads shall never adorn your worthless chests:

Reading on the reactions of those lucky enough to attend TGS, and even HOLD the sacred controller, I have made some interesting observations.

First off, this controller, as weird looking as it may be, will be the most easily accessible to the average joe. The XB360 controller may be wirelessly badass, but it’s still essentially the same thing that we have held for 2 or 3 years now. Don’t get me started on Sony’s boomerang monstrosity. Today’s controllers are complicated. There are like fucking 8-10 buttons. The average person gets confused and frustrated. Some gamers may remember seeing a family member or friend jerking a controller in the direction they wanted their on-screen counterpart to go. It’s only natural. People use hand motions everyday in conversations and such. The Revolution controller, however, will make this a reality. In fact, it will encourage this reality. The Revolution may allow your mom to be able to finally make Mario jump over that first pit on the first level and NOT make him fall to his horrific death. By utilizing the motion sensor located at the top of the remote, players will be able to jerk and move their controllers to mimic real life motions on the television. This may seem iffy to some, but it has to be experienced before being judged. You can’t deny how fucking cool it sounds to, for example, throw your arm back and toss it forward in a fishing game to toss your rod. Or slash the remote as you would a sword on the television. Or move it around as you would a flashlight. Hell, a video even demonstrated using two remotes as drumsticks in rhythm games. Possibilities are limited only by the imaginations of the developers. This mechanic is closest to, and perhaps even surpasses, the tried and true mouse and keyboard layout. FPS’s in particular will benefit from this. Shooters have always been butchered and killed on consoles, only because of joypad limitations. A shooter can be pure GOLD, and feel a million times worse on the console than on its pc counterpart.

The whole swinging of the remote thing does raise some flags, however. Isn’t your arm gonna get tired after 2 hours of swinging? Get ready for some serious tennis elbow. All we can do is wait. Wait and hope.

<IMG src="http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2005/news/09/15/revcon_screen004.jpg&quot; img


Alright, I feel better now. If you’re completely dense, the above photo is what the final design for the Revolution controller will look like. The design has been hidden so well by Nintendo for months now. Since they revealed the console at E3 in May, they kept the fact of the controller out of discussion. Months have we hungry gamers waited for a crumb of a detail. Now we get the fucking porterhouse steak shoved in our faces at TGS 2005.


What the fuck am I supposed to think about it? They took 20 years worth of a design, and flipped it on its head. For TWENTY YEARS, that’s TWO DECADES, we have had a standard that we knew and loved and cherished. Nintendo is fucking crazy. Nintendo’s calling their console the Revolution? Well this backs that up more than anything in the world.

I am terrified for Nintendo at this point. Nintendo for the past 2 years has been the butt of ridicule with its Gamecube, and we as loyal Nintendo fans, have been there to protect it. The Gamecube has been an incredible, however short lived console. It had games and experiences that simply needed to be had from your own perspective for them to truly sink in. But now, they’re pushing a brand new format on people. What will be the reaction of SUCH A HUGE FUCKING CHANGE? People are already saying shit like: “Nintendo’s dead. It was a great company while it lasted.” I refuse to think like this, Nintendo has been with me since I was fucking 5 years old. They were in the business longer than any other competitor. If they feel this is what should be done, then I’m backing them up all the fucking way. I will be keeping very close tabs on Nintendo and their Revolution, and if they usher in a new era of gaming, well then God bless them. I truly hope that this is a positive step into the prospective future of gaming.

I have since removed my little media player from the bottom just cause it was pissing me off. It refuses to play all but one or two songs and it just pisses me off being on my site.

Fuck all of you, anyway. You don’t deserve to listen to my music. Go listen to your own shit.