My mom is flying in from Israel home today. Me and pops gotta prepare.

Oyyy…what a day. I awoke to blare some Steve Vai over the craptacular techno Russian singing shit my dad is so particularly fond of. Took a little shower, got dressed, and had me a bowl of cereal. Then dishwashing was commanded of me. Faced with a desperate situation, with no woman nearby to dump the degrading duty on, I was forced to do the shit myself. Ugh…Soon after, me and pops ventured over to the bank to fix my account, and thereby enabling online checking for me. Went to Shoprite, and shopped a little. Got me a couple bags of chips (one of which included FUNYUNS *orgasms*) and other assorted foodstuffs. Got home, and there was faced with the chore of vaccuming the bottom carpeted floor. Meh…where are women when you need them? 2nd degrading duty of the day and I vaccumed. Then pops went to get some food at Chili’s. He returned with two orders of boneless buffalo wings. That shit + Sam Adams = FANTASTIC. My mommy should be landing in about an hour. Missed her. Yeah, I said it. I’m a momma’s boy and PROUD.


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