Of Sports and Stuff

We have recently selected activites in physical education class. Previously, I was having a blast kicking ass and taking names in badminton. It was a fantastic couple of weeks. There were people who were seriously hardcore in the game, so competitive badminton was definitely a go. You’d be amazed how much badminton can make you break a sweat. This is not your grandparents’ peaceful game of hit the shuttlecock back and forth like a couple of geriatric retards.

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end. Badminton’s over, and I am now subscribed to ping pong. There are 3 seniors in this class, around 3 or so juniors (including me), and the rest are fucking sophomores. Brainless little runts. Since one of the juniors is some weird asian kid who doesn’t talk, and the other is a girl who’s just got some issues, I’m hanging out with the 3 seniors. One’s just totally weeded out…like he’s out there, man. The other two are cool. Most importantly, they’re good. I played a couple of games with one of the dudes today (the other was absent). Apparently, his name is Mike, too! LYK OMG!! Whatever, the kid’s decent. Put up a great game. I lost the first game and dominated the second one. Third game we got up to 13-12 when class ended. Oh well…his loss is merely delayed. Ping pong looks to be mighty good these next few weeks :).

Unfortunately (twice), I won’t be playing ping pong for the entirety of the quarter. Our gym activities are actually split to fit exactly half of each quarter…split to fit eighths, if you will. So for the half of this quarter, or eighth, I will be playing ping pong. But for the second half of the quarter, or eighth, I shall be…..FOLK DANCING. That should be oodles of fun. I’ll bring my straw-thatched hat, tattered overalls, banjo, and fake buck teeth. We’ll all have a durn good time, y’all! 


All my devotion betrayed
I am no longer afraid
I was too blinded to see
How much you’ve stolen from me

You want to know why I feel so horrified?
I’ve let my innocence die
You want to know why I can’t be pacified?
You made me bury something
I won’t be sleeping tonight


3 responses to “Of Sports and Stuff

  1. lmao, folk dancing….damn. I remember dancing last year  …*shudders* that shit better not come back again. *Heel toe, heel toe, backstep* …thats what the basic of it was  >.<

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