Well friends, it appears that there is only 5 hours left to 2005. It’s
been a relatively calm year, really. Nothing too exciting in my life.
In fact, I find it funny that most of the “dramatic” events this year
happened during December and late November.

As we enter 2006, we also enter gaming’s annual dry spell during the
cold winter months of January to March. I, however, will be warm at
home enjoying F.E.A.R., which is to be shipped to my domicile with
utmost expedition.

Happy New Year’s Motherfuckers and enjoy 2006.


I am officially finished with The Longest Journey.

It was a fantastic game. An incredible accomplishment on behalf of Funcom.

I haven’t played a good point and click since Return to Krondor,
which itself wasn’t a point a click as much a combat strategy game. I
guess you could best relate it to the King’s Quest series of yore.

I have fond memories of playing the KQs. I was like 9 years old,
perhaps younger, sitting with my dad and having a fucking
blast trying to figure out those damned puzzles. The first ones had the
puzzles that were particularly convoluted. I think KQ1, KQ2, and KQ3,
had some puzzles solved by typing out phrases, and they had to be
fairly accurate to get a proper result. But I’m digressing.

The KQ series were (still are) awesome, but have gone downhill with the advent of KQ8: Mask of Eternity.
Apparently, Sierra thought that we didn’t want the traditional point
and click gameplay anymore, and decided to replace it with a shitty,
soulless, hack n’ slash. The game had a decent story and there was
a fairly deep weapon and inventory system, but it just didn’t have the
old KQ flair.

For a while, it seemed like the KQ series were dead. Then, I think
sometime in the beginning of this year, KQ9 was announced! This,
however, is not an endeavor of Sierra’s (or VU Games, their owner).
KQ9 is to be a user created project. Excitement was prevalent….in my

Then, only to ruin said pantular excitement, on September 30th, VU
Games issued a cease and desist to Phoenix Online Studios, the
production and development team behind KQ9. Anger and remorse

The following passage, however, immediately brought about the previous pantular happiness:

“After extensive evaluation, Vivendi Universal Games is
pleased to announce that the fan developed trilogy project ‘The Silver
Lining’ (previously known as King’s Quest IX: Every Cloak Has A Silver
Lining), based on characters from Sierra Entertainment’s ‘Kings Quest’
series, has been given approval to continue development. We look
forward to seeing the first of its three upcoming chapters, ‘Shadows’,
completed soon.”


KQ9 is back in development, but its previous release window of
Winter 2005, is no longer accurate. They are now planning on an
early 2006 release. Simply cannot wait.

On the topic of The Longest Journey, however, I am glad for finally having been able to play such a great point
and click adventure. The story is incredible. The dialogue is
clever and funny. The dialogue is actually one of the strong points of
the game. The game is, surprisingly, rated M. And ONLY because of, get
this, LANGUAGE. This game would make your uncle from Vietnam blush. The
cursing was probably a bit unnecessary, but it was still funny. Didn’t
hinder gameplay at all. I wholesomely recommend anyone looking for a
great point and click, hell, just a great game PERIOD, to pick this up

And in other news, Chevelle still kicks your ass.

Oh man, I’m finally back into videogames. I was afraid I didn’t like
’em anymore. Brrr…I just got the shivers. I dunno, I blame it on
next-gen. I want an Xbox 360, so that’s why I’m not playing any games.
But that’s bullshit.

I was on Gamespot a few days back, and saw that a sequel was in the works to a game called The Longest Journey,
this kickass point and click adventure game in the vein of the KQ
series. So I check out the original game, it got like a fucking 9.3 on
Gamespot. SHIBBY! So I eBay it, find an auction for a brand new copy at
an absolutely dirt cheap
price. Fuck, I LOVE eBay. The game arrived to me yesterday afternoon; I played
till like 1 in the morning. And today, I arrived home and have been
playing almost non-stop. Motherfuckers, I am a gamer once more.

Tagworld is slowly starting to balloon out. Some fine ass bitches on
there. Whether they have any brains or not is a secondary concern, as
you can well imagine. You may have noticed my rather indiscreet link to
Tagworld on the front page. I beckon you to peruse it.

Last night was awesome. I didn’t expect it to be either. I didn’t even expect to be in the area last night.

On Friday my pops informed me that he needed me to fill in for his 3
asshole employees who couldn’t all coincidentally come in on the day
they were supposed to work. Oh well…what the fuck could I
productively accomplish on a Saturday, anyway, right? So I went to work
for the day. That day however, my father also had a party to attend
after work.

So after work, we picked up one of my father’s employees, some chick, and headed off
to the big party. This was a doctor’s party, all professional shit
where this one doctor just thanked all his work associates and such for
their hard work and loyalty, one of these associates being my father.
Whatever, I couldn’t care less about his ass kissing.

The highlight of this party was ALCOHOL. Top shelf booze. Everything free.

The chick acted like the agegate, the ID if you will, for
which I could fondle the tits of alcohol (I’m so good at imagery :D).

I also happened to bring a can of Red Bull with me to the celebratory
occasion. So with the help of said chick, I got a nice little Red
Bull and vodka.

A bit later me and this chick did some shots. First shot we did was tequila and
chill. I’m not sure what the fuck chill is, but it’s crushed ice and
some other alcohol. Whatever, tequila’s the main component to tequila
and chill.

I’ve previously never tried tequila. I gotta say, I LIKE IT.

This chick was such a pussy (I guess it’s alright though >_>). It’s “traditional” to lick salt off your hand
before drinking tequila, followed by sucking on a lime. FUCK
THAT; I just chugged the tequila. I’ll admit that I sucked on the lime
to help the bitterness. Tequila is bitter stuff, but it’s really really good.

And right before we were about to leave, we decided to do one last
shot. This one was a shot of straight tequila, none of that chill shit.

I had a pleasant buzz for the entirety of the party, which was good
because the pounding dance music pulsing through those speakers might
have drove me to manslaughter involving some sort of eating utensil.

And on that note, alcohol is fucking great.