Day 1 (1/27): English and Physics
English was a fucking joke, much like the class. The shit was all
common sense, which, while some lack in huge amounts (and actually
admit to!), I have plenty of. The essay was fantastic, I just put to use my
proficient lexicon and bullshitting capabilities. Cockthirsty was a choice term.

Physics was slightly more challenging. I actually forgot how to
calculate the x and y component on the open ended, and I totally spaced
on figuring out normal force, so I got one of those problems wrong. I
don’t expect I did too poorly.

Day 2 (1/30): Pre Calculus and Economics
Pre Calc was a very fair test, in my opinion. I actually studied
the night before. Yeah, I know..shocker. I did the entire review sheet
the night before, which took 45 minutes or whatever, and I was pretty
confident on the test I think. I knew everything on the open ended,
save for one division problem involving imaginary numbers, in which I
forgot how to cancel the denominator. ARGH. I also knew everything on
the multiple choice, save for the trig section, in which none of my
answers made any sense at all, and also the cost formula problem. That
must have been that part of the year where I was just kinda happy not
to be choking on my own drool in class. So that’s an accomplishment in
and of itself. Thankfully, multiple choice has a 1/4 chance to get the
right answer, so God hope I guessed well.

Economics. My opinion on the class is already established. I couldn’t
give a flying fuck if it was donated to me and I was dying to be rid of
it. I already got a 48 for 2nd quarter, so this was test was
like…..yeah. I did my best, that’s all that counts right? ;)
I’ll get a passing grade for the semester, that I know for fact. I’m just glad the fucking class is over.

Day 3 (1/31): Gym and History
Gym fucking blew. Pushups, situps, and the pacer test (running back and
forth to happenin’ grooves with intermittent beeps.) I got the
required amount of reps on everything, so I got a 100 on my Gym
midterm. Woop-de-fucking-doo.

History. Easy shit. I’m in retard class (regular, but it’s still easy
as fuck,) so “studying” would be a ludicrous prospect. I got a half
hour in class to study anyway. But the test was easy shit. Like
English, mainly common sense shit. Obviously, a journal entry written
by a German private taking prisoner during WWII was not depicting
fucking Pearl Harbor. But, then we get into the common sense thing

Day 4 (2/1): Entrepreneurship and Lunch
Entrepreneurship. My “teacher” is such a lazy dick, he doesn’t even
have a test for us. We have a PROJECT, assigned to us at the beginning
of the semester, that he is treating as our midterm (it also counts as
20% of our final grade.) Fucking ridiculous. I want to just half ass it
and get an 80 for the semester. Just, whatever, fucking pass and be rid
of the class.
EDIT: Got a fucking 84 for the semester. Brilliance.

Lunch. I wanna bring my guitar in. Haha.


My name it is Sean Dempsey, as Dublin as can be 
Born hard and late in Pimlico, in a house that ceased to be
By trade I was a cooper, lost out to redundancy
Like my house that fell to progress, my trade's a memory

And I courted Peggy Dignam, as pretty as you please
A rogue and child of Mary, from the rebel Liberties
I lost her to a student chap, with skin as black as coal
When he took her off to Birmingham, she took away my soul

Ring a ring a rosey, as the light declines
I remember Dublin City in the rare ould times

The years have made me bitter, the gargle dims me brain
Cause Dublin keeps on changing, and nothing seems the same
The Pillar and the Met have gone, the Royal long since pulled
As the grey unyielding concrete, makes a city of my town

Ring a ring a rosey, as the light declines
I remember Dublin City in the rare ould times

Fare thee well sweet Anna Liffey, I can no longer stay
And watch the new glass cages, that spring up along the quay
My mind's too full of memories, too old to hear new chimes
I'm a part of what was Dublin, in the rare ould times

Ring a ring a rosey, as the light declines
I remember Dublin City in the rare ould times

Ring a ring a rosey, as the light declines
I remember Dublin City in the rare ould times

I remember Dublin City in the rare ould times

I have a visitor from M.I.T. on my site. From M.I.FUCKING T.! On my
site! Omigawd lawl I’m hyperventilating! Somebody hand me a baby wipe
and a pair of scissors!

I thought I might upload several in game screenshots I took to at least attempt to
show the awesomeness of my new video card, and obviously F.E.A.R. being
pimped out with near max settings. See what gaming looks like with AA
4x/AF 16x and be jealous.

Reflections on metal.

More reflections on metal. Observe the angle of light hitting the pipes.

Check out the glare here. Notice also the fine grainy details on the side of the utility box. That’s fucking cool right there.

In all the pics, also observe the shadowing. Fan-fucking-tastically done.

Awesome? Yeah I know.

By the way, apologies for the 1024x resolution, but any less distorts the image quality, and we simply can’t be having that.

I have defined it!

I strive towards being a prick. Still finding pleasure and joy in
mocking idiots, but also having the capability for compassion and
sympathy, as superficial as it may be.

Oh yeah, and F.E.A.R. kicks the shit out of you.

So I wish to expound on my recent adventures in PC land. 3 days ago,
I received my 580  watt Echostar PSU. And I was a happy lad.

was also rather antsy and unwilling to wait for my brother to get his
ass over here on some various weekend to get around to installing it.
So I took the task upon myself.

I yanked out my ol’ 250 watter
and half of the job was done. The easy half anyway. Now I was tasked
with trying to fit this new motherfucker. Naturally, as is the case
with all my do it yourself tasks, there were various complications.
First off was the position of the inlet. Most modern PSUs have an
external power switch. My ol 250 doesn’t. My case is designed around my
250 watt. My ol 250 has its inlet positioned EXACTLY where the external
power switch is. This makes for fun because in order to accomodate room
for the external power switch on the 580, the inlet switch is
positioned directly below it, and my motherfucking case blocks it. Did
I say “fuck it?” Nope. My daddy came home that very night, and with a
bare hacksaw blade went on to make two 1 inch cuts, each an inch apart in
the case. Then he took some pliers and bent back the now free chunk of
metal. Is my warranty voided? OH FUCK YES. But then again, fuck
warranties. What the fuck could I possibly need a warranty on a 3 year
old Dell Dimension 4400 for? It’s EXPIRED anyway! So it fit, I hooked
it up, and shit was hunky dory.

Then, perhaps a half hour later,
a most unwelcoming thing occurred. My computer fucking froze. My PC
hasn’t frozen in absolute MONTHS. I reformatted in April I believe. Not
a single crash since to my memory. I’d like to blame it on the fact
that I didn’t remove the components when my dad was hacksawing, and
metal dust got caught somewhere. Whatever, I reboot and I notice the
next error. My fucking 3rd hard drive isn’t being noticed!
W….T…..F? I shut down again and go to check that everything’s
plugged in. Naturally, it is. I start up again in hopes of solving the
problem, and my rig is fucking dead. DEAD. Previously with normal
operation, my mobo would beep once and then Windows would start up.
Here? The mobo made a flatlining beep. Something akin to that of a man
dying on life support. And about as depressing. Despair gripped my

The next day, I go for advice. I feared for the worst.
Perhaps during the hacksawing ordeal, some metal dust particles got
caught in the motherboard somewhere. I was suggested vacuuming. A
friend of mine suggested removing the mobo’s battery for 5 minutes and
then replacing it. Well, vaccuming did shit to bring the dead man from
his slumber, but the battery bit was fucking genius. My computer
actually began breathing.

Obviously, by removing the battery,
I also subsequently blew away my BIOS. So now I’m running steadily, but
my 3rd hard drive (connected via RAID controller) is not being noticed,
because the RAID card itself isn’t configured now. And since my brother
configured it last time, and refuses to divulge his “secrets”, I am
reliant on him to fix it. Whatever, I’ll try to get him to fix it today.

good news is that my rig is good and prepared for the awesome 1337ness
of my new fucking x800xt, which I am still awaiting (today hopefully?
PLEASE??) Motherfucking Alaska.


Yeah so I got my fucking x800xt today! I even yelled “I LOVE YOU
MAILMAN!” to the man who delivered my baby to me not 30 seconds ago.
Ecstacy coursed through my veins. I rip it open eagerly and proceed to
install it. And to think my x850pro purchase was entirely redundant. It
was only partially redundant. Because the motherfucker didn’t come with
a power splitter cable. I wouldn’t have been able to hook up the card
without it. So now I’m good to go. I decided to try to hook up via
DVI-I, and it worked very unstably. The screen would just lose input
signal whenever I tried to launch an application, and then power back
on in a few seconds. Very disconcerting. So I just said “fuck it” and
hooked up through good ol’ VGA. I downloaded the latest Catalyst and
all necessary drivers. Naturally, I went to test it on games. F.E.A.R.
was first up to bat. I jacked everything fucking max, and slightly to
my disappointment, the game didn’t fly. There were noticeable hickups.
In fact 58% of the test framerate was under 25 fps, a less than
desirable result. So I toned it down a little, and the game went
beautifully. Huge graphics increase, and I was very happy.

Next I tried Halflife 2. I jacked the motherfucker up with max AA
and AF, and truth be told, it ran fairly steadily, and fucking
gorgeously if I may say so myself.

I am extremely happy with my purchase, and for giving my PC the juice it needed to be a modern gaming PC once again.

On an ending note, shibby pic below:

   Total 9,999   

Ooooh how fancy super duper awesome. Nine thousand nine freaking
hundred and ninety nine. What are the odds of catching that kind of
number anyway?

Yeah, I rule, you don’t need to say it.