Day 1 (1/27): English and Physics
English was a fucking joke, much like the class. The shit was all
common sense, which, while some lack in huge amounts (and actually
admit to!), I have plenty of. The essay was fantastic, I just put to use my
proficient lexicon and bullshitting capabilities. Cockthirsty was a choice term.

Physics was slightly more challenging. I actually forgot how to
calculate the x and y component on the open ended, and I totally spaced
on figuring out normal force, so I got one of those problems wrong. I
don’t expect I did too poorly.

Day 2 (1/30): Pre Calculus and Economics
Pre Calc was a very fair test, in my opinion. I actually studied
the night before. Yeah, I know..shocker. I did the entire review sheet
the night before, which took 45 minutes or whatever, and I was pretty
confident on the test I think. I knew everything on the open ended,
save for one division problem involving imaginary numbers, in which I
forgot how to cancel the denominator. ARGH. I also knew everything on
the multiple choice, save for the trig section, in which none of my
answers made any sense at all, and also the cost formula problem. That
must have been that part of the year where I was just kinda happy not
to be choking on my own drool in class. So that’s an accomplishment in
and of itself. Thankfully, multiple choice has a 1/4 chance to get the
right answer, so God hope I guessed well.

Economics. My opinion on the class is already established. I couldn’t
give a flying fuck if it was donated to me and I was dying to be rid of
it. I already got a 48 for 2nd quarter, so this was test was
like…..yeah. I did my best, that’s all that counts right? ;)
I’ll get a passing grade for the semester, that I know for fact. I’m just glad the fucking class is over.

Day 3 (1/31): Gym and History
Gym fucking blew. Pushups, situps, and the pacer test (running back and
forth to happenin’ grooves with intermittent beeps.) I got the
required amount of reps on everything, so I got a 100 on my Gym
midterm. Woop-de-fucking-doo.

History. Easy shit. I’m in retard class (regular, but it’s still easy
as fuck,) so “studying” would be a ludicrous prospect. I got a half
hour in class to study anyway. But the test was easy shit. Like
English, mainly common sense shit. Obviously, a journal entry written
by a German private taking prisoner during WWII was not depicting
fucking Pearl Harbor. But, then we get into the common sense thing

Day 4 (2/1): Entrepreneurship and Lunch
Entrepreneurship. My “teacher” is such a lazy dick, he doesn’t even
have a test for us. We have a PROJECT, assigned to us at the beginning
of the semester, that he is treating as our midterm (it also counts as
20% of our final grade.) Fucking ridiculous. I want to just half ass it
and get an 80 for the semester. Just, whatever, fucking pass and be rid
of the class.
EDIT: Got a fucking 84 for the semester. Brilliance.

Lunch. I wanna bring my guitar in. Haha.


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  1. Ahh, I forget that you have finals now. We’re already into our second semester and all that good shit….and yes, snap is right. Bitches causing me more drama.  -.-

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