So I’ve been working the Shoprite pharmacy clerk position for two weeks now.

The job’s awesome. I don’t do anything.

EDIT: HOW APPROPRIATE! My position is a sinecure!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s work, but the extent of this work is rather laughable.

You see, I get the 5-9 shift. The Shoprite pharmacy is not a busy
one. They make approximately 100 scripts (prescriptions for pharmacy
retarded) a day. My DAD and his SMALL BUSINESS PHARMACY make that
much every single day. A chain’s output = small business
pharmacy’s output? Yeah, the irony’s prevalent.*

But the 100 script output is not evenly spread out. At all. Most people come for their scripts in the morning.
Nobody fucking comes at night. Not nearly as much anyway. So this
basically means that by the time my shift comes around, they have
already pumped out 90 of their 100 scripts, effectively leaving me
workless. So they pay me to sit on my ass and read magazines. I
couldn’t ask for a better job.

I actually pity the cashiers. They have a constant flow of customers
for the entirety of their shift. I have chunks of dead time I don’t
know what to do with. And we get paid the same amount. Ohhh, sweet
sweet irony.


*Of course, Shoprite doesn’t make
any money in the pharmacy department. It’s merely a customer
convenience. All the money is made out on the shelves with the
bandaids, cereals, and condoms.




Numb, and broken, here I stand alone.


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