And therein, my perspective on the subject becomes jaded just a few additional iota.

EDIT 2/6: I write here instead of writing over the above entry merely because I want it on the forefront for a few days.

I dunno, I’m just disillusioned (….again). I stated how fickle my perspective is
based on my mood; if things are going well with the random bitch I’m
flirting with, then I’m cool with chicks. But, as the rollercoaster
comes to a thundering roll down the hill, and things start to go sour
with said random bitch, I revert to a misogynistic outlook on the

I know it’ll pass. It’ll take the next random bitch to walk into my life, and I’ll be peppy as ever once more.

We’re DONE with emo, though. Tits may have fooled me once, but I am
fucking done with emo. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me….ahhh you
know the rest. I will be vigilant with the next catch. Recon will be
established, and by God, this one will not  be a waste of my time and

Are we alive? Or just breathing? Don’t close your eyes…


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