Meh, I’m ok.


EDIT: You see, I have come to
somewhat of a realization. It’s that, while women are emotional
retards….so are men! It’s all ok! We’re all just infantile larva in a
world that we can’t even begin to understand.

EDIT (AGAIN!): Pondering more on the subject, there’s even more
to be realized! It’s that the petty games that chicks play with our
emotions are no different than the ones guys play with theirs. We all
do it to each other. It’s a sadistic, vicious cycle. There’s always the
predator and the victim, be it male or female. I just find it ironic
when some bitch spouts off: “OMGF I HATE
GUYS!!q!!!11!1111SHIFT+ONE!!!1111111!!” because I realize that at some
points, guys are the exact same way towards their respective opposite
gender. And I can definitely relate to toying with the emotions of women, practically making sport of it when I was
neck-deep in my asshole persona. Now I just do it for shits and
giggles on occasion.

To change myself I’d rather die.


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