Good birthday I think. I went to Red Lobster with the next door
neighbors and bro’s family. Satisfactory dining experience. The
wait time was fucking ridiculous, bordering on damn near 1 1/2 hours.
And the fuckers don’t take reservations either; they hand you those
little vibrating fuckers that you presumably shove down your pants when

got a pretty shirt. And I got an electric razor! And I got a couple
checks. And I got some button things (which are apparently known as “cuff links”) to make dress shirts pretty(ier).
And I got Eternity cologne, because that shit is just fantastic.

I did actually have a ticket to a Flogging Molly show tonight, but I had prior engagements. Sides,
I’ve grown cold to them. I had an infinitely better time in the company
of friends and family anyway.

S’about it. Nighty night.


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