Drove stick for the first time!

I stalled like 4 or 5 times starting in 1st. I was letting the clutch
go too fast. Fucking overzealous clutch foot. But I got it eventually.
It’s fun. I really like it. Props to my buddy Roman for allowing me to
stall his brand new GTI. I’m sure it must have been painful, just as
much as it was hilarious watching me struggle with the fucking clutch.

It’s without any hint of a doubt that my car will be stick too,
just…we gotta go through the process of actually PURCHASING it. My
daddy has set in place a few more standards. My car may be no older
than 5 years, limiting me to ’01 or newer. This puts me in quite the
sticky pickle, because we’re already looking at fucking expensive cars,
pushing well over 10k. I should relax. My dad finds that I’m thinking
about this stuff a year too soon; I’ll buy a car at the end of senior
year, which sounds like it really sucks, but in retrospect…I suppose
it’s ok. Me and a bitch’ll take the bus. =D My affinity for romance
(and frugality) knows no bounds.

I’ll drive around Mommy’s S40 with her in tow. I drive how I want at the wheel with
or without her as it is. I can handle a little bitching on
her behalf. And on that note, I leave you for F.E.A.R.


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  1. I only need one chair, no more or less thank very much. Anyway…yes I do have a lot to handle and that is why I am slowly sorting this shit out. Boyfriend and I = not working…thats where that ‘break’ is coming in…tomorrow actually. As for the job…i have $155 saved and i’ve only been working like 2 weeks on and off. I know its not much but that is where 90% of my paychecks are going now…and I hope to have enough saved by the end of this year for a decent car. So its a good start for me…especially since I do have other things I’d like to spend it on. As for the other guys….3 of them aren’t going to be happy. Its just how it is. I’m getting my time to myself damnit. And now that I have vented more, congratulations on stick. It is fun to drive isn’t it?

  2. Decent for my purposes, would be around the ballpark of a $3,000-$4,000 car…I don’t need something great…I just need something pretty dependable and not shit-tacular. A teenager car.

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