Damn…I didn’t even understand what this
bitch was firing off her shitcannon about. I only understood something
like “nobody uses xanga anymore…loser…blah blah blah.” I’m sorry
Ms. Fucking Bandwagon, I didn’t realize Xanga is no longer “in
I’ll just go and get a Myspace like the rest of you fucking tools and
exchange comments with all my friends. “OMG! hiii! i luv u sooooo muhc!
i hvn’t tlked 2 u in lykkkk 4evarrrrrrrr! we got 2 hang out sum tyme!!
lol rofl lmao! call meeee! <3333333.” Please, fucking gag me. And
then it struck me. A bit over 3 weeks ago (quite the delayed reaction,
but that’s ok, Whip-It benders do that to you), I commented on the
site disparaging her god awful layout for robbing me off brain cells
and an hour of my life that the stress suffered surely has buried 10
feet under. I honestly don’t get the thought process of you fucking
idiots with these layouts. I just want to rip my eyeballs out and dunk
them in Drano when I see some of these. For font color to be the same
color as your background…For font size to require a fucking electron
microscope to view properly…

I understand that you want to be cute, and represent your current
favorite band/fad/scene/whatever, but give me a fucking break. Get a
tolerable layout. MINE for fucking instance. Large, clean, easy to
read WHITE font on a pure BLACK background. None of this picture
bullshit, no annoying bright colors. Maddox is another perfect example.

Excerpt from Maddox’s FAQ:
I use large fonts…as a protest against all the stylish
garbage you see out there. When I go to a web site, I WANT TO READ THE
CONTENT. Trust me, that micro-font everyone uses isn’t nearly as original
as they think. I’ve chosen a black background for most of my text because
it’s easier on the eyes than staring at a white screen. Think about it:
your monitor is not a piece of paper, no matter how hard you try to make
it one. Staring at a white background while you read is like staring at
a light bulb (don’t believe me? Try turning off the lights next time you
use a word processor). Would you stare at a light bulb for hours at a
time? Not if you want to keep your vision.

Hell, even TuckerMax
is acceptable. Granted, his font is a bit too small for my taste, but
that’s something that can be easily altered via browser settings. If I convert
at least ONE person who reads this into an individual with sufficient
thought capacity to fabricate a layout that is somewhat appealing to
the eye, then my goal will be accomplished. Unfortunately, I think the
majority of you dolts have difficulty understanding my vocabulary, much
less able to create a layout that doesn’t make readers want to take
pitchforks to their eyes, and so I always hope for the worst.

EDIT: This
is the Xanga in question here. Over the course of these past 3 weeks,
the moron has changed her layout THREE times, each time producing a
layout shittier than the last. Fucking unbelievable..

I find it improper that her pseudonym is CLICHE_ROMANCE. I recommend CLICHE_STUPIDITY.


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  1. hey ii dont really know who you are but you sound pretty mad? =P Hope everything works out fine..or you get ppl. to have plane layouts!!

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