pinkjipsy01     (6:41:57 PM)   : sup
pinkjipsy01     (6:42:08 PM)   : u thrr
pinkjipsy01     (6:42:11 PM)   : ??
pinkjipsy01     (6:42:21 PM)   : y rnt u tlkin 2 me
pinkjipsy01     (6:42:28 PM)   : peak 2 mwaaaaaaaaaaa
pinkjipsy01     (6:43:00 PM)   : heyy r u
on or u no am i just ganna sit heer tlkin 2 mislf all night??

Auto response from NinjaGod1337     (6:43:00 PM)   : Mitch Hedburg Comedy Special

pinkjipsy01     (6:43:29 PM)   : heyy
NinjaGod1337     (6:43:35 PM)   : Go away. I hate you.
pinkjipsy01     (6:43:41 PM)   : y do u h8 me
NinjaGod1337     (6:44:01 PM)   : You are too stupid to talk to me.
NinjaGod1337     (6:44:05 PM)   : You can’t even form whole words.
pinkjipsy01     (6:44:14 PM)   : im sorry
NinjaGod1337     (6:44:24 PM)   : That’s better. But I still have no reason to talk to you.
pinkjipsy01     (6:44:27 PM)   : **tears**
NinjaGod1337     (6:44:34 PM)   : Cry me a fucking river.
pinkjipsy01     (6:44:46 PM)   : u dont like me
NinjaGod1337     (6:44:55 PM)   : You’re smarter than I thought.
NinjaGod1337     (6:44:59 PM)   : Great job figuring that one out.
pinkjipsy01     (6:45:05 PM)   : i no arent i
NinjaGod1337     (6:45:18 PM)   : Ok, now that you know that you’re smart, go away.
pinkjipsy01     (6:45:33 PM)   : i will be nice to you and i will try to form whole words
NinjaGod1337     (6:45:50 PM)   : You
still don’t seem to understand that I don’t want to speak to you. It’s
not a matter of you being nice.
pinkjipsy01     (6:46:16 PM)   : but i will be nice and i will form whole words
NinjaGod1337     (6:46:27 PM)   : Holy shit, GO THE FUCK AWAY ALREADY.
pinkjipsy01     (6:47:03 PM)   : no thanks
pinkjipsy01     (6:47:44 PM)   : y

Auto response from NinjaGod1337     (6:47:44 PM)   : Running Scared. Movies.

pinkjipsy01     (6:47:56 PM)   : you are weird

….just doesn’t get it.
could slam her in the face with a trash can lid and it still wouldn’t
get to the stupid bitch. A force field of stupid blocks any logic that
attempts to penetrate. Granted, she’s 13. That explains everything.
Every 13 year old is stupider than a bowl of pubes. But all these
prepubescent idiots are attracted to ME! Maybe I should just take down
all photos of myself and that will stop everything! Is it MY fault I’m
hot? NO sir, most assuredly it is NOT. Blame God! Or Satan! Or my
genetics! Cause I can’t deal with these kind of people.

Drop the bitch a line and tell her what you think of her.


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