It saddens me when I see kids my age already, so soon, essentially in the shells of the adults they are to become. So entranced and stressed with their academic life that they don’t have time to live their lives as the fucking teenagers
they are. We’re teenagers only once in life. We’re 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,
18, and 19 only ONCE in life. No time machine to relive the events we
either experience or miss in favor of academia.

It is even a sadder case with those of Asian ethnicities. I pity you
guys so much. It has been ingrained in your skull since you were
children that you must work, work, work, and life will be a success for
you. Your parents are right. But is it worth missing just being a kid?
You see your typical Asian kid. All AP classes. 5.4 GPA. Member of
I.B.P.L., Jesus Club (or whatever that nonsense is called), S.A.D.D.,
and an assortment of 8 other clubs juggled in combination with
cello, viola, violin, and maybe even a part-time job. This is a kid who
is not a kid. He’s just not. By definition. It’s an adult in a frail
child’s body. I simply find it sad. In a sense, I am sometimes jealous,
because you guys have such a
mentality, in which you can glue your ass to the chair and fucking
STUDY. Willpower is truly your friend. I wish it was mine at times.

Case in point that made me consider all of this. Kid in my physics
class. Let’s call him “Todd.” White kid. Totally high strung. Somewhat of a preppy
douche in my book, but that is irrelevant. We had a lab today. Todd did
SHIT. Just sat around with his thumb up his ass. And yet, he managed to
stress 10 times more than any of us combined. A group of 4, including
me. We were having fun, just fucking around. One kid in my group,
“John,” accidentally drops a thermometer into a water filled graduated
cylinder. Todd’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. As if this lab
was to determine his entire fucking future.

Todd: “I want to finish this lab!”
Me: “Dude, relax. We’ll get it done.” 
Todd just stares uncomfortably.
Me: “You gotta learn to have a little fun, dude.”
Todd: “I like to get my work done.”

Like SERIOUSLY dude, get the dick out of your ass and re-fucking-lax. I’m done.


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  1. LOL jesus club. it’s actually called A2J [according to jesus], but you were pretty darn close xP we enjoy you pity very much. along with much of the world’s pity and harrassment xD i actually used to be one of those hardcore study asians with the fairly high GPA. now it’s a 3.5, and you know what? i’m okay with that. i want to get drunk, i want to get high, i want to live life and you’re right! you only live once so you might as well have a damn good time. i only wish i had the motivation and the drive to study when i had to. does this “todd” have blond hair, look like a homosapien? god, he’s a fuckbag.

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