I’m in somewhat of a H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty) stint right now, mixed with a side of Beatles. Good stuff.

H.I.M. sort of has a nasty habit for utilizing cliche love lyrics, but
most are more than tolerable (I’ll even go so far as to say catchy,)
and the guitar chug more than makes up for it. While cliche, they don’t
go emo, because it’s not really depressive about love (save for some very few tracks). It’s not your “my
girlfriend dumped me, life is a swirling vortex of pain and misery”
music in any case. Love is obviously a common theme, but it’s almost always
portrayed in a positive light; two lovers together.

The Beatles…well they’re the fucking Beatles. End of story.

Here’s a taste of H.I.M. for those who’ve never heard:

Join Me (In Death)

Right Here In My Arms

Heartache Every Moment

Soul on Fire

For You

Some of my personal favorites on endless loop right now.

And for those looking for quote, hardcore screaming and throat-ripping
sounds, end quote, I’ve got a delicious little treat for you as well:
My Last Serenade


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  1. again, true also. but what if those choices have already been chosen for you and you only think you have a choice?for example, you could be a conscious rock. you think your making choices that affect your path, yet not matter how much you think youre making the choice for yourself, gravity has already chosen your path. it just lets you think that your have a choice as you fall through the space that is your life.

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