Alright, The Music Man was totally awesome. This really should go without saying. It was a spectacle I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Now normally, I am not a man of theater. In fact I downright despised
it in my younger, understandably more foolish, years. It just bored the
shit out of me. I do however recall The Graduate,
a Broadway spectacle that starred Jason Biggs, of all people. That’s
probably why that play stays fresh in my mind. “The Pie Guy”.

But I digress. Back to pressing matters. The Music Man
really was very good. Stellar performances all around. The dance
numbers were fantastically choreographed and one particular number
stays fresh in my mind. “Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little,” I believe it
was called? Humorous song. And when coupled with the baritone harmony
of the male quartet crooning “Goodnight Ladies…”, it just blended really well.

“Whaddya talk? Whaddya talk? Whaddya talk?” GOLD.

Speaking of dance numbers, one kid really stood out among the rest.
Andrew Rodgers, I think. The kid had so much vigor. Great dancer.

Notable performances include a Miss Gina Zelko. Simply incredible voice. To be able to reach such heights with your voice is truly a talent to behold.

And Stephen Puliafico, who got to not only make out with the above Miss
Zelko, but also get punched the fuck out. Great job dude.


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