Do you understand why we are the stupidest country in the world? Our
youth consists of brain dead idiots. Children are our future my ass.
Not unless that future is one of illiterate men and women communicating
with each other in a language an observer might describe as aural holocaust. I can imagine this apocalypse so lucidly. Do
you see high school students writing “lol” on SAT essays? Do you envision “Manhattan
Avenue” becoming “Mnhtin Avinoo”? It shocks and dejects me to
think how far our generation has sunk. BEHOLD THAT WHICH IS YOUR FUTURE! The AOL Age. An army of drooling
idiots unable to string together the most basic of sentences. Taking
elementary 4 letter words that take an average of 1-3 seconds to
type out, and mangling them into some abominable contraction. After a
painful analyzation of “tt”, I have discovered that it actually stands
for “that”, as if the two letters in between are a sort of nuisance to
include in the word’s original structure. Hell, some people take words
and actually ADD letters to them for some unknown reason. Used in context: “hey mang!” Mang? What
the fuck is mang?  Is this a cute and/or funny way of expressing
“man”? I have only ever heard “mang” PRONOUNCED phonetically by those
of Hispanic descent (or Mexicans, whichever you prefer). But it’s in
SPEECH! It’s not meant to be translated over to a written medium! Look
asshole, I do not want to be referred to as “mang”, nor do I want to be
assaulted by your raped, bruised, and beaten vocabulary.

Excerpt from a pm sent by “nikaleana” to me on Tagworld in reference to comparing experiences on Myspace and Tagworld:
“lol idk i dont like it its like weird idk iguess casue all my friends
are on myspace and like i no how to use all the codes and shit and
arent tag and mmyspace likereally simarlir? so how can you hate one and
not the other lol”

Syntactical genocide. I have never
seen “similar” fucked up that badly. WOW. I don’t fucking understand
it. I couldn’t type this shit out if I tried.
You could just make grunting noises and make yourself better understood. An illiterate Mongolian could express himself in a more coherent fashion.

Choice quotes from another moronic denizen from Tagworld who imed me last night:
blueyed9288     (9:36:27 PM)   : bc ur not all tt special ne ways
A 4 for 1 deal! “b/c”, “ur”, “tt” and
“ne ways” ALL IN THE SAME FUCKING SENTENCE (with sentence used very
VERY loosely). Do you realize that “anyway” actually consists of LESS
character strokes than that trainwreck of a compound phrase?

blueyed9288     (9:41:00 PM)   : u really think u bother me b/c im just as much of a bitch u r
This doesn’t even make sense.

Though I think I have discovered what it takes for retards to
stop iming me! Apparently, they get very discouraged when they are
informed that
their entire conversation is being logged down to the last letter and
has a slight chance of being posted on a public forum. It took about 10
seconds last night for the young lady above to block me after learning
fact before she could spew any more drivel that I could use for others
to laugh at. God, my logs are a treasure trove of humor.


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