Fucking awesome. I’m like Maddox’s apprentice. This moron was pretty much the final nail in the coffin. Maddox’s hate mail
is infamous for idiots emailing him bitching about the most menial
things, trying to find flaws in his obviously impervious superhero
persona. Well, what do you fucking know? I’ve got my very own moron
telling me that I “spelt” a word wrong (Maddox’d). Way to go dipshit; I love it when people misspell words trying to tell me that I misspelled a word. Can you say IRONY? Apparently, in Mr. Spelling Bee’s reality, aural is not a word. So, obviously, I must have misspelled it and meant oral
instead! Brilliant! Let’s forget about the fact that that word would
skew the meaning of my entire sentence, we’re interested in being
grammatically flawless! But at the very least, he agrees with my
perspective on illiterate AIM dolts. I am ecstatic
to have such a considerable ally on my side. I would be nothing without
his support and obviously inherent intelligence. I hope you choke.

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