End of my workweek. Sigh of relief. Tomorrow’s Friday and then my long awaited weekend.

I want to finish the 30 pages of The Da Vinci Code I have left at
Barnes sometime tomorrow, provided that the Book Nazi doesn’t come with
a German Luger to harass me some more.

Essay was easy shit today.

My nephew’s birthday was today. Kid’s 5 now. Damn I’m old.

New pic.


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  1. da vinci code is full of dog feces, all of the so-called evidences are based on da vinci’s paintings.in addition, that extra hand in the last supper is david’s right hand.i just don’t know why didn’t anybody catch that.i’ll have to say that dan brown is overly obsessed with da vinci.but all christian prides aside, it is interesting, i have to admit.

  2. Damn kid, you keep looking older and older in these pictures. Tell me how the DaVinci Code is too mk? And tell the neph happy birthday from your crazy friend in Wisconsin.

  3. My nephew’s supposed to be born sometime this week. If you want a real moron you should tak a look at the parents, I feel very sorry for this kid, he’s going to be seriously messed.

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