A cookie to anyone who understands.

God I’m so fucking smart. I jammed my middle finger hitting a wall
while attempting to restrain my Doberman who was adjacent to said wall.
It came in perpendicularly to create a normal with critical velocity.
Now my middle finger’s fucking swollen and it’s blue under the nailbed.


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  1. JFK made a speech in Berlin, his last line spoken in German. He meant to say he was a native Berliner or something to that effect, but in reality the phrase translated into “I am a jelly doughnut.”
    I like chocolate chip.

  2. ^xD
    aw man, they got to it before me. The Berlin speech was the first thing that popped into my mind. Not to mention you in a human-sized jelly constume was the next. xP

  3. more correctly, he said “ich bin berliner,”which means i’m a berliner; but it was also a brand for doughnut,therefore, “i’m a doughnut” — JFKor it could be the piece of his brain that was blown off (?)and the ending of da vinci code was predictable.

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