And so it is Sunday. I am plan-less today. Though I have
objective in mind.

Can you believe I did my homework yesterday when I came home
from school? Am I ill? Trichomoniasis? A myriad of other virii? So I have no
homework for all of break.

I am leaving for Atlantic City
Monday night and shall return Friday midday.
I can’t possibly fathom what I will be doing. I mean, Atlantic
City – gambling – alcohol = TOTAL BULLSHIT!

Supposedly, there should be SOME means of entertainment
during the days I plan to stay.

There’s some IMAX thing going on.

Larry the Cable Guy plans to do a show, whose comedy I enjoy
to an extent. “Get ‘err done!”

Switchfoot’s gonna play some show, though I doubt I’ll be
making it.

And there’s some Beatles tribute happening too.

I want to bring some hooch with me and just fucking veg out
in the hotel room one day while my parents are out marveling at the casinos’
ornate ceilings. I’m serious, my parents actually walk around staring at walls
and ceilings in casinos. You should have seen them in Vegas. We’ll see if that
works out. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have another drunk story to write about!

*edit* SHUT DOWN! Father claims that me being fucked in half on vacation would upset my mother. But!
You knew there was gonna be a but! But! My father suggested that I can
get wired to the tits while my mother goes to Israel for a week. I’m so

seems to be a
very promising comic. And on


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