I downloaded The Best Heavy Metal Album. Some laughable
tracks on there, like Nickelback and Yngwie Malmsteen, but some really
fantastic songs too.

Megadeth – Holy
Wars…The Punishment Due

Poison – Talk
Dirty To Me

And of course some Beatles, cause I’m hopelessly addicted
right now:

Lucy In The
Sky With Diamonds

Buy Me Love

We Said Today

Man, this kinda shit was around when music kicked ass. Back
when Britney Spears was some closet case’s wet dream and “artists” didn’t name
themselves under monetary denominations (See Curtis Jackson (aliases include:
50 Cent, Fitty Cent, Total Douchebag.)) And besides, who the hell names
themselves 50 Cent? Besides COMPLETE disregard for plural tense agreement (uh..I mean ‘greement yo!), what the fuck is
$.50?! That blows! If I was some dumbass rapper, I’d be like Million Dolla Bill
or some shit like that. Diamonds n’ Bitches. The latter of course would be the
name of my awesome rap band, cause you can’t name yourself that without
sounding silly.

So yeah, I’m totally in a new stint. I’m crazy for: Megadeth (80’s-90’s
metal), Poison (80’s rock), Beatles. It’s a good mix, I think.

Teh funneh


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