I have facades on my mind. I have a physics lab and I need
to study for SATs, but I have facades on my mind. Facades are like safety
blankets to people. They cling on to the image they’ve painstakingly worked to
build and uphold for years. They’re also distorted mirrors. They show that
which may be entirely untrue about a person inside. For example, your façade
may show you to be an extremely intelligent person, one with whom conversation
is simply a joy to have, and then you turn out to be a complete fucking moron. Common sense is one of those things that you either have or don’t. I don’t think you can actually develop it if you’re lacking it at this point in your life. Sorry. Yet
another example is being academically intelligent, but having the societal
intelligence of a bowl of pubes. Facades work to distort reality like that. I
can’t think of how else I can expound on the topic. Really, that’s about all
there is to be said. Having the ability to see through facades takes practice.
Facades are bullshit. And it takes practice to cut through bullshit. I like to
think I’m excellent at it, but all of us have our weak moments. The shit that
happens in my life only serves to fine tune my bullshit detector, and just make
me that much more prepared for what the future holds for me. Bring it on baby.

Now that I think about, I can’t stand that word. Facade. It sounds disgusting phonetically, syllabically, and really most any other way. Bluntly put, it sounds French. Oooh how apt!

Haha, maybe you really are this dumb. Boy, how deceptive facades can be!


4 responses to “

  1. o_O unless my sarcasm meter is broken, you must be totally out of it! its just backwards!
    hopefully, i just have to go to Costco to go buy another meter.

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