I’m sick as a fucking
dog. For the past 4 days now. I went running outside on Friday in gym
in shorts and t-shirt. Yes, I have no brain in my skull. Yes, fuck you,
too. At least I managed to stay home today. I called off work this
morning too. My nose is a perpetual fucking waterfall. I swear, I’ve
used enough tissues to kill a small rainforest. I hate being sick.

You know how food tastes weird when you’re congested? Well I ate a banana. Weird, I tell you. Bananas remind me of Vicinity of Obscenity.
I wonder how long it’s gonna take for System to come out with a new
album. At the very earliest sometime next year, I’d think. This recent
dual album release was pretty huge after all. Stream of consciousness.

I’m very happy about this purchase. Sequel to 2000’s The Longest Journey, which I ranted endlessly about several months ago. I haven’t gamed in a while now. It’s gonna be good to leave the dull inanity of life and its assorted treats for a few weeks. I need the break. It’s a better alternative than say, drugs or alcohol, right?

My anti drug.


I like. I like.

Look out! Airborne bullshit!

Victoria Knight-McDowell. Ugly skank, 2nd grade teacher and developer of AIRBORNE Formula.

We applaud you.


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  1. So I guess I’m not the only one suffering, considering you’re sick and I have allergies. I can’t even breathe through my nose. It’s horrible.I’d have to say, singing is my anti-drug…. basically because drugs… and everything else in the world screw up my voice.

  2. lol, funny…but I just came across your site sorta randomly. Through weblog or something but ANYWAY, I read your profile thingy and I was thinking…we should have a 30 second conversation…then you could tell me if I’m an idiot or not. (Hi, my name is Mike and I can determine whether you’re an idiot or not within 30 seconds of conversation with you. Go ahead, try it out.) I’m curious to know myself. HAA maybe just from that I already know the answer…
    But random eprops I guess? See ya..

  3. lolx i think i have the same SAT book as you.  it was a “good luck” gift from my mom.  thoughful, isn’t it? airborne.  oh geez i know how you feel..being sick like that is so ARGH! well, hope you get better ;]

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