Blah. I took the fucking make up quiz in precalc today. Absolutely disgusting. There was a fucking 7, 24, 25 triangle. The numbers were enormous. And Markot’s steadfast that I missed the shit on purpose. Is it my fault I got sick in May? I haven’t gotten sick for all of winter, May strikes and BAM! In bed with a mountain of used tissues. At least I drank tea. I drank lots and lots of tea these past few days. And I like tea. European/Russian sort of thing, seeing as Americans wouldn’t know a teabag from their scrotum.

Patiently awaiting Dreamfall, which should carry me well into late May, early June, upon which Halflife 2: Episode 1 will be making its way into my eager gnarled claws. That‘ll be played for a while and then I turn my attention to Syberia! Syberia is a game I discovered perusing Gamespot the other day. Another 2000 era old school adventure game with a fan-fucking-tastic rating. And after having my way with that one, I’ll move on to its younger sibling (read: sequel), Syberia II.

Hah! I’ll be a shut in till the end of the year! Fuck chasing tail! I got games to play!

*edit* blew.
1. Count pills.
2. Reach for tissue.
3. Yell at deaf incomprehensible senile geriatrics (READ: OLD PEOPLE).
4. Reach for tissue.
5. Count pills.
Repeat ad nauseum.

At least I got a nice cup of coffee. I’ve mentioned how great a cup of coffee is when you’re sick. Wave of warmth.


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  1. Heh.. I had to take make up quizzes since the beginning of the 4th quarter because of golf..and I have to make up yesterday’s quiz and Friday’s test. I’ll be damned if they screw up my grade.

  2. someone marked me absent for taking an AP test yesterday lol.and those calc bc smarty arsenals were taking over my territory during lunch :bastards!

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