Ahh…memories. Dreamcast…it wasn’t your time.
Damn it, that does it! I’m renting Sonic Adventure DX again! I’m so happy Sonic Team ported that gem to the lovely Cube.
I’ve calmed down considerably. I’ll rent SA again sometime, but instead, I’m excited about another vixen. She goes by the name of Call of Cthulhu. An Xbox game in late 2005, and a PC port released only a week ago, it’s this totally unconventional first person adventure game. Sort of like the XB360 version of Fight Night, in which there is no HUD of any sort on the screen, CoC also trashes all health meters and assorted HUD paraphernalia. The game incorporates sanity, as did Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, a magnificent gem in and of itself. I don’t know how I’ll be able to fit it in though. Dreamfall should be arriving in a few short days, and then it’ll occupy a healthy chunk of time. Then Episode 1’ll FINALLY be unlocked for play. It’s excruciating seeing it on my desktop like this. I suppose I can jam CoC before trying the Syberias. Man..I should make a schedule.

Haagen Dazs is amazing, at least. I had me 2 scoops of Rocky Road and 2 scoops of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Sunday afternoon. Delectable.

Arnie just loves arguing.


7 whole gigs of Dreamfall is on my hard drive. Do you know something? This game is so good, that I’m going to do my homework from now on. I mean, do it efficiently. I’ll do it without distractions, get it out of the way, and then give a big “FUCK YOU” to the rest of the world and dive back into Dreamfall. I’m not even going to waste time on AIM anymore. Sorry. Oh..and reading? FUCK reading. And fuck Dan Brown. Well maybe at work. Bleugh.

Holy shit…who the fuck uses Opera? I think that’s hilarious. Get Firefox, dumbass.
Now there’s TWO visitors from MIT! And the new one runs on Linux! Fucking A, man!


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