Hah, you guys are funny as an audience. I stop pumping out articles, and the daily hit count just plummets. You’d probably think I’d care. I don’t. You read my site because I let you read my site. I’ve discussed making this journal private. I just don’t care enough. Invade my privacy at your leisure. Read about the bagel I ate yesterday or the shit I took last week. But in the meanwhile, articles are at a hiatus. Dreamfall commands me and my time.
Hey, look at Maddox. That shitcock lets loose an article from his asshole once every 3 months it seems now, and yet he still gets 100 hits a minute. That’s dedication from the drooling morons that make up his audience. Same’s gonna go here. I’ll have a meaningful article when it comes to me, but till then, you’ll deal with whatever rambling I have on my mind. Or eat shit. Your choice.



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