Craaazy shit going on in the story so far. And deja vu like insane for those who played the first one (me).
Arcadia’s back, blanketed in snow, and absolutely beautiful. The Journeyman’s Inn is back, and so’s the innkeeper.
And I finally met face to face with April Ryan. Silly emo girl.
And there was Charlie and Emma from Newport, too.

None of you know what I’m talking about. And I laugh at you.

But…..we could talk about reality for a second. JUST a second, mind you!
I’ve been offered a 9-5 shift at the pharmacy on Saturdays. I’m thinking about it. I mean, I’d be doubling my paycheck. And that’s good. I need the dough.
Sides, what else am I gonna do on a Saturday from 9-5? I’d sleep in till 12 normally anyway. And then dick around for 5 hours on the computer talking with my stupid friends on AIM or do homework or eat or shit or such other inane activity.


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