Ahh..an article for you ingrates.

I want to discuss something.
Let’s discuss….women.
You know, while we’re at it, let’s discuss videogames.
I want to make a comparison between women and videogames. Now, in reference to “women,” I really mean the process of dating said women. If you think about it, dating and videogames are two activities one participates in as a way to spend time doing something. What your experience is LIKE doing these things is a variable, however. Let’s break things down to a basic level here. Videogames are designed for one thing: FUN. They are designed to elicit feelings of happiness: excitement, awe, shock, etc. If a videogame is not fun, it sucks. End of story.
Now let’s throw women into the equation. Women are variable creatures. Your experience with them may vary. They can make you happy, just as easily as they can make you want to vomit blood. Of course, among women, there exist hookers, those who are paid to do that which otherwise must be worked towards achieving via “nurturing relationships” and other assorted bullshit of that sort.
Therefore, if one were to break things down to their most basic level, a videogame is essentially a hooker. Both are just fun. No mess. Save for the whole STD (or STI as it’s now hiply referred to) mess, I suppose. REGARDLESS! Videogames are hookers. The point has been made.
Next point. Now, if one were to spend time playing videogames instead of pursuing tail with the possibility of being burned, is there honestly something wrong with that? The videogame doesn’t burn! Unless you get a shitty game, but that’s your own fault for being a dumbass.
Damn it…the same thing applies to women, doesn’t it? Isn’t it your own fault for pursuing tail that’s defective? That which seems appealing from the exterior may very well be the filthy worm inside the shiny Macintosh apple. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” says the renowned proverb. But that’s total bullshit with women. The exterior is that which attracts us in the first place. We don’t study an ugly piece of shit and fall in love with her because she can recite 5,000 digits of pi from memory. Therefore, we potentially deceive ourselves from square one if we don’t establish proper recon from the start. Countless times have I encountered cute women who just have nothing more to offer than a good chase. I like the chase, sure. It’s exhilarating. The catch is desirable once in a while, though.
There’s a pretty cute chick at work. We’ll see how that works out. Honestly, I feel as if my standards need to be reduced considerably. At this point, I just can’t require Dostoyevsky from tail. Nah…I don’t need to reduce my standards. Then all the challenge is gone. I just need to be more vigilant and make sure the target is legitimate before pursuing. I mean, I need SOME reciprocation of conversation in the woman. If the chick’s a dumb bag of shit, I’ll be out of there faster than a Kenyan on meth, but I’ll give it a chance.


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