“High Speed Dirt”

Awesome day yesterday. Mother’s Day, after all. Got my mommy a humorous card.

The play that we were supposed to go to that night got cancelled. And we drove the hour to Hell’s Hole, New Jersey to be told this, as well. It was sort of odd that when we got there, there was nobody there to begin with. So, apparently they cancelled the show because it wasn’t big enough of an audience. I was ecstatic to go home either way.

I wrote my paper in English which owns so..so..fucking hard. I’ll throw it up here sometime in the near future. That paper was really the only time I ever actually put forth effort for Brit Lit. Seriously. I’ll never forget Weiss for it, either.

Dreamfall’s beaten. I’m very upset. But I have Sonic Adventure DX to play. Gee, I wonder if my Cube hasn’t suffocated under the 3 inch coat of dust currently resting on it. I’ll have to check on that.

Comp Sci has turned into one of the best periods of the day. The best, I can really say. Since Seel’s been out of commission, his class has been reduced to nothing but 45 minutes of fucking Pinball. That’s it. Come in, sit down, log in, Pinball.
I’ll beat your Goddamned score, Dan. Mark my fucking words.


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