There’s a physics lab to do. I’m procrastinating a bit.

Let’s discuss…CAFFEINE.

I dunno if I’m developing a caffeine addiction. Maybe? I
have doubts, but then again so do all addicts developing tolerances. Tolerances. I know about that shit because I learned about it in Health! From Sundouche! I mean Sundick! I mean Idiot Fresh From College! God that class is such a joke. I know more about drugs than that retard. I digress.
I have two main sources of caffeine intake: coffee and Red

I drink coffee in the morning on a fairly regular basis. I
think somewhere from 2-3 days a week. Once or twice during the week and
definitely on the weekends.

Red Bull, on the other hand, I consume a can a day EVERY day
on weekdays in first period. It’s sort of become a staple of first period. It’s
Brit Lit and Weiss couldn’t care less. Though she did seem to develop some sand
in her vagina on the few occasions when I happened to leave an empty can on the
floor. I digress. The point is, it just helps me, you know? I’m dead in the
mornings. This shit makes me fucking perky. I actually feel human. I’m talking
all excitedly and vibrantly to the people around me who are still half sleeping and they all look at me as
if wanting to say, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Red Bull. That’s what the fuck is wrong with me.
Am I addicted? Nah…

The origins of my Red Bull addiction….


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  1. yeah, the layout sucks ass. I was in the middle of trying them out at school and my beta server went down for some reason. I never went back and changed it. Stupid schools wont let you on these sites.

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