I filled the 9-1 shift at the pharmacy today because some bitch was on vacation. That sucked moderately. The pharmacist brought his little shitbag kid, too. Little fucker tried doing my job. I understand why kids are such nuisances to adults now.

Pretty cute chick was at the till office too. They’re starting to hire half decent looking girls now. Summer thing? I dunno. Whatever the cause, I approve.
Also, I think I look better with a goatee. Gonna leave that for a few weeks.

After work, I drove the parents up to Woodbridge Mall. Some fun on the Pike. Then to Wegmans for some much needed buffalo wings.
A humorous anecdote. I was still in my Shoprite lab jacket walking around Wegman’s. Apparently, the Wegman’s employees found this hilarious. One dubbed me a “traitor.” I’m gonna start walking around all stores in my lab jacket. Pathmark, A&P, etc. It’s gonna kick ass.

In other news, it’s total Power Rangers mania around here. I downloaded that 5 episode mini series that introduced the Green Ranger. God, so many memories. Funny, cause it was exactly a decade ago when I was 7 years old watching that shit.


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  1. wow, you just reminded me of the original Power Rangers series, and then how the Turbo series came out after that. =.= people actually favored Pokemon over Power Rangers back then. when we look back now, we’re lik “WTF?!”. xP

  2. Wow. This reminds me of Drama Club going crazy over Power Rangers during The Music Man… xD Before one the performances, we would watch Power Rangers as we changed into our costumes…

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