I recorded a bit of Countdown to Extinction. I don’t think my rendition is half fucking bad. Do have a listen.

LAWLZ! It’s a FACT! Look it up, folks!

Hush, they are songing. Smell that aroma!

Comp Sci’s becoming less enjoyable with the advent that we actually need to WORK now. Damn that sub. They aren’t allowed to force work upon us. Me especially! And I kissed so much ass getting her to like me too. Bitch.
BAH! So they say we need to do 5-3 and 5-4. Well 5-1 blew, 5-2 blew even more. And those were EASY. 5-3 is apparently giving trouble to the sole chick in the class. But then again, operating Word would give her trouble, so I really sort of laugh at her predicament and proceed to immediately disregard it. In any case, just those two fuckers left and I’m home free.


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  1. lol, did you see them media center staffs trying to hook a guy up with a girl?it was pretty funny, since the guy looked so embarassed and nervous xD

  2. xP She’s not FUGLY, but not overly attractive either. Man, you’ve got to cut average people like me some slack. We all can’t look like celebrities now, can we?
    xD @ Elaine’s aggro stance.

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