LOL i hav wun frend on zanga now!!!11eleven!13

This profile feature Xanga’s trying to incorporate is so fucking stupid. Besides boxing you in with no way to downgrade to its previous profile system, thereby disabling you from having any HTML in the profile, there’s nothing good about it. Oooh, you can have FRIENDS now! Holy shit! I can “NUDGE” people now! What the fuck is nudging anyway? I don’t want to nudge anyone and I sure as fuck do not want to be nudged by anyone else.

Xanga, you are not Myspace. Stop trying to be.

Bit of teh humar.

Pump Up Shoes

Epsilon Program 1

Wackary Film

Ewww….I got nudged. God…I feel so…violated.


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  1. nudge is from msn i believe,where you can push a button,and the chat screen shakes and makes noises, so that the person notices you’re talking to him/her.or maybe not, who knows

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