You know? I’ve come to somewhat of a realization. The realization is this: it’s okay for girls to be stupid. It really is! We all know that stupid girls are the majority among the breasted populace; intelligent women are a rarity, and those that aren’t bitches because of the fact are even rarer. So what’s the point in saving yourself for “the perfect one”? Fuck “the perfect one”! Literally when she comes by, of course, but figuratively at the moment. Stupid chicks are great! And if there’s guarantee of compensation at the end of her stupidity saturated drivel about Johnny Depp, I’ll bite.

But, when you accept the fact that it’s okay for girls to be stupid, the whole idea of Tagworld makes so much more sense now…

Not that I’m actually going to start respecting those fucking morons, God forbid, but I understand them better now.

I mean, how the hell can you respect someone this Goddamned stupid?

From “lite78switch” on Tagworld:
the hell r u being so fuckin rude to me? i dont even rly no u and u r
all callin me names n shit. i dont fuckin get this, its gay and u have
no reason to alk 2me like this

(Note: All horrific grammar has been left intact. This message has been unaltered and is verbatim.)

Creative Plastic Surgery

Diamond Ice
Inversion Therapy

Champton Nanny


One response to “

  1. This atrocity has just joined the ranks of WWII and Nanking. =.=;
    noobs, the whole lot of them (people who butcher the language like that, not girls in general).

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