So dark is the con of man. Ooohh rabble rabble rabble!

Poseidon kicked ass.
Just as I predicted, I was confined to a little theater. It was great. No screaming kids, no fat people packed around me. Just as the movies should be, damn it!
Poseidon was great. The special effects were fucking amazing. For those not familiar with the main catalyst/”antagonist” of the “plot,” an enormous tidal wave smashes into a cruise liner, capsizing it. The way that shit plowed into the ship was absolutely breathtaking. Definitely deserving of a second viewing.
The deaths were gory, great, and really realistic (i.e. during the last seconds of drowning where you can no longer fight the bodily reflex to breath, and a torrent of water comes painfully crashing down into your lungs, you agonizingly choke a few times and then slowly float to the bottom under the weight of your own flesh and body.)

I was watching a preview for some movie with Mark Wahlberg where he becomes a football player or something. The only thing running through my mind was, “That dude is Matt fucking Damon.” Does anyone else but me think that Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon look EXACTLY THE FUCK ALIKE?

There was also a preview for a movie called “Lake House,” starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. How’s that for chemistry? Keanu Reeves, the dipshit he is, seemed horrendous even in the Goddamn preview. Total chick flick, in any case. Bound to get your “Aww” reflex running, ladies.

Lastly, there was a preview for Superman. It actually seems pretty damn good! I’ll check it out sometime.

That night, I also saw Derailed, featuring Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. I thought it was a quality film. Jennifer Aniston starred here as a disgusting lying whore, a role extremely atypical to any other starring role I’ve seen her in. Clive Owen, who I really enjoy as an actor, played extremely well here also. The plot was very intriguing, with an insane twist 3/4 through. And the end scene was great.

The level of nostalgia this tune brings about for me is immeasurable by conventional means. A cookie to anyone who can recognize where this comes from.


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  1. =/ dont know the Mark dude. But Matt Damon was “That dude, Jason fucking Bourne” (I keep calling him that in my mind), so he’s cool in my book.

  2. yeah, thats what i decided, so I swaped it out for a dual core 1.6 ghz processor with 128 mb graphics instead of 64. its gonna add about a hundred bucks. so total, it has the equivalent of a 3.0 desktop processor. My dad has one and it has run every game I’ve played on it with stunning detail and it has never locked up so i have faith in it. its mostly for school and recording for my band so really it will be fine. I can use my desktop for more intense gaming.

  3. no, not really. i didn’t join the “i can spell, form coherent sentences, AND capitalize my letters” blogring. i did, however, join the “i can spell and form coherent sentences” blogring. if you would like me to begin capitalizing my letters i would gladly do so. thanks for stopping by!

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