Oh me, oh my, it’s the last day of school. I’m not going
tomorrow, in case you were wondering. FUCK THAT SHIT. None of my friends are
going tomorrow, so my going is entirely redundant. I wanted to shake Markot’s
hand today, but he was absent. Oh well, I’ll see him again next year. I suppose
this is where I should make reflections about my junior year in high school.

Hoo, it’s been a good year. Hell, this year was probably
more eventful than freshman year, which infamously went down as The Year of the
Blood Sucking Leech. Ahh…but history is just that, buried and done.

Last year was nothing. Really quite boring, actually. I
mean, there was the ambiguous lesbian that I pined for the whole fucking year,
ending with hilarious results.

But this year was huge. Prince Charming
. Another emo dolt encounter. And then just a plain old dolt encounter.
Oh the experiences…I thrive on the
experiences. And then there’s work, where the tail’s a plenty and ripe for the
picking. Gotta catch me her.

Education wise, I never really developed any bonds with the
teachers this year. Here are my end of the year opinions on those who taught me everything I have come to know this year:
Full Year Teachers:

-Weiss was just…eh. Just an easy teacher. She was the only
female teacher I had all year. I never really hated her, save for the beginning
of the year. She just didn’t teach anything. I don’t really care either way,
because I couldn’t possibly concentrate first period anyway.

-Markot was probably the only teacher I LIKED. The guy is
without a doubt a fantastic teacher.
His sense of humor is indescribable. From watching him throw chalk at the class
whale, to seeing him rip on some moron asking an idiotic question, that class
was a treat almost every day.

-Daus is…feh. He’s a great guy. He’s semi-humorous, he’s
intelligent. But he’s an awful teacher. He simply can’t keep my attention for
more than 5 minutes. His voice is monotone and boring; it’s like trying to stay
awake listening to a shitty tape recording of a robot. And he just never went
in depth into any subject. Then again, this was regular physics, not AP, so I
shouldn’t complain.

-McEvoy was an interesting case; a guy I went from liking,
to hating with a passion, to lightly despising
with a slice of pity.

Elective Teachers:

-Saroka. Hate him. Believe me, I have plenty reason to.
-Weigner’s a dumbass jock. I hated him from the second I met

-Berner’s boring as fuck. Take Daus’s voice and take it to
the 15th power. That’s Berner’s voice. Only upside to his class was
watching “The Apprentice.” That kicked ass.

-Sundouche was just that…a giant bag of douche. An idiot
straight out of college with students who know more than he does. Seeing him
pronounce “Vibramycin” or “Zithromax” is worth any cost of admission; fucking

-Seel was a great guy. A great sense of humor, but he never
actually laughed. It was truly admirable. Shame about his accident. I’ll see
him again next year in AP Comp Sci where I plan to be buried alive in Java.

And here are the initial reactions.

And so winds down junior year. I had good times this year
and made some good friends.

Here’s to senior year, and fucking ruling the high school!


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