So they came in. I was/am ecstatic. Right now, I’m in a temporary 3.1 situation. I hooked up the sub (speaking of which, the fucker is HUGE), left, center, and right speakers (the speakers of which are residing on my desk.) Come this weekend, my father and I plan to align the speakers the way they should be. The left and right speakers will be wall mounted, face level, and 60 degrees apart (30 degrees from the axis, which is me). The left rear and right rear speakers will be rigged behind me, 110 degrees to the axis. The slack wire we plan to encase in plastic tubing, which is to be neatly stowed near the wall, to avoid a jungle of wires. Again, I am excited.

So far, even with 3.1 sound, the quality is FANTASTIC. My ears are experiencing orgasms simply unattainable previously. To think I spent so many years with those God forsaken pieces of shit. I have already tried an assortment of media, involving MP3’s, a DVD, and CD audio. All of it sounds great. The lows are fucking superb, thanks to the kickass subwoofer.

Here’s a good rule of thumb when judging subs:
You know you have a good sub when there’s a pleasant breeze blowing against your crotch.


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