Man, I love my logs.

Looking through old conversations you shared with people when you were inferior in some sense to your present self (whether it be naivete, or any other past deficiency) is an extremely reminiscentially entertaining experience. I particularly enjoyed the exchanges that took place while I was going through my (Hardcore) Asshole phase. None will be shared here for the sake of stalkers lurking around, but so you’re not left with blue balls, here’s a nice and harmless little dialogue sure to get a giggle or two out of you:

January 23, 2006:
StarBaiRGTA (5:22:30 PM) : hii there
StarBaiRGTA (5:32:11 PM) : hii there how are u doin i’m a friend of asheena
StarBaiRGTA (5:32:28 PM) : how u doin ?
Auto response from NinjaGod1337 (5:32:28 PM) :
StarBaiRGTA (5:32:38 PM) : wazup fear
StarBaiRGTA (5:33:54 PM) : iight g2g
StarBaiRGTA (5:34:08 PM) : by the way my name is RYAN
StarBaiRGTA (5:34:15 PM) : u can even check ma pf
StarBaiRGTA (7:03:06 PM) : hey
NinjaGod1337 (7:05:22 PM) : Who’s this?
StarBaiRGTA (7:05:43 PM) : my name is RYan
StarBaiRGTA (7:05:48 PM) : u can ask asheena
StarBaiRGTA (7:05:57 PM) : she’s is ma ex gf
NinjaGod1337 (7:06:01 PM) : I don’t know who asheena is.
NinjaGod1337 (7:06:05 PM) : I don’t know who Ryan is.
StarBaiRGTA (7:06:15 PM) : i kno u dont kno me
StarBaiRGTA (7:06:27 PM) : i dont even kno u as well
StarBaiRGTA (7:06:39 PM) : but asheena give me ur sn so i can tlk to u
StarBaiRGTA (7:06:42 PM) : fa fun
StarBaiRGTA (7:06:51 PM) : i kno u kno whos’ askeena is
NinjaGod1337 (7:06:58 PM) : Who the fuck is asheena and how did she have my sn in the first place?
StarBaiRGTA (7:07:03 PM) : i imed u like twice before
NinjaGod1337 (7:07:12 PM) : Yeah and I didn’t answer you moron.
StarBaiRGTA (7:07:25 PM) : ooook
StarBaiRGTA (7:07:38 PM) : idk but she give me ur sn
StarBaiRGTA (7:07:49 PM) : u can check ma profile
StarBaiRGTA (7:07:56 PM) : and see who i am
NinjaGod1337 (7:08:00 PM) : I don’t care.
StarBaiRGTA (7:08:08 PM) : wats ur prob
StarBaiRGTA (7:08:18 PM) : sry to im u in the first place
NinjaGod1337 (7:08:27 PM) : Good. Now go away.
StarBaiRGTA (7:08:48 PM) : i’ll tell asheena abut u and make her fix ur prob
StarBaiRGTA (7:08:51 PM) : iight tty,
StarBaiRGTA (7:08:53 PM) : ttyl


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  1. Those conversations make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside….and I love how you left it with an Offspring video. You have my respect and/or worship.

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