I was playing one of those banner games today (you know, the
one where you need to find 4 gold coins to win a Free* Xbox 360?) when I got to


Which is more despicable?

  1. Concealing
    true feelings (or lack thereof)
  2. Admitting
    that you do not share the same feelings


“I’ll take A for $1000, Alex.”


When chicks think that they’re being “nice” by doing nothing
in response to a guy’s advances, I want to ask one question: Just who in the
fuck do you think you’re kidding?


You think you’re saving their feelings somehow? Get a clue.
While a confrontation in which you admit that you’re not interested can be
potentially volatile, it is still better in every sense than just closing your
eyes and hoping the whole situation’ll go away by itself. Sure it does, realization
that you’re being jerked around does kick in sooner or later, but you should
feel like the lowliest piece of shit for it afterwards. Because actually
following through with a confrontation requires spine. Any claim that you were
just “saving their feelings” is a sackful of horseshit, just a feeble attempt
at purporting your facade of being “a nice girl”.


I shouldn’t care, and frankly, I don’t any longer. Your filth is just staggering, that’s all.
I’ll dwell no longer on this subject. I merely needed closure.


And anyway, it all comes back to the asshole-lying
whore chain
; we all fuck each other in some way, and I’m perfectly fine
with it.


*We’re just fucking with you, you’re not gonna win a
fucking thing, but we sure are gonna have fun and profit (but mostly profit) at
your expense by making you sell our shitty perfume/alarm clock radio/solar
powered chin dildo to all of your hapless friends and family!


6 responses to “

  1. There was a lot of stuff in this post and I have absolutely no clue what’s going on in most of it.
    Sorry someone messed with your mind, tis no good.

  2. and two asian (assuming hk-nese) chicks popped out from nowhere.FOP mike, FOP!      lol, the post is edited btw.but that many borings still doesn’t show how boring i am right now.

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