You know, I’ve been trying this whole “Hi” thing lately.

There’s really not much explanation to give. I literally
mean saying “Hi” to people. A basic greeting, in other words.

I’ve never really felt the urge to greet strangers, even
ones that I see on a constant basis. I guess I just never saw any reason or
purpose in greeting people that I didn’t plan on engaging in conversation
(with). I ended a sentence with a preposition,
and I know I’m going to hell.

I digress. I mean, I’m always polite with customers. That’s
just standard protocol. My check depends on me being nice to people, and I
don’t fuck around when it comes to money. So customers are not an issue in the

I’m talking more about the employees at Shoprite that I see
on a daily basis while going on break, getting/giving my till, etc. You must
understand that by working in the pharmacy, I am essentially isolated from the
rest of the store. 95% of the time, the only person I am in contact with during
the 4 hours that I am on my shift is the supervising pharmacist.

So I’ve made a sort of conscious effort to greet various
employees if a glance is met. A “What’s up?” here, a “Hey, how’s it goin’?”
there. It sort of feels nice, truth be told. Heh, I’m goin soft.

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