So Hoobastank’s got a new album out. I dunno, my first impressions are mixed. It doesn’t reek of moldy vagina, per se, but you aren’t exactly eviscerated with pleasure, either.

There are some songs on the album that I genuinely enjoy. The following are two of them. The songs are a nice mix of heavy guitars as always, but Doug’s voice gets a little whiny, not so whiny as to classify it as emo Bullshit Confessionals whiny, but whiny enough to bother a little. I’m also not a fan of the prelude, featuring an annoying yelling drill sergeant. In short, the album’s feh; a mix of good and bad. Have a listen.


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  1. hey i just watched the how to eat at a sushi bar was hilarious, but also it hints that jps aren’t all that good.they said what they said and what they do by tradition,instead of out of true respect and politeness.yeh…i have a grudge against jpnese :(

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